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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology
The Science of Happiness and Flourishing

Fourth Edition

September 2023 | 616 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Flourishing offers students an up-to-date and contemporary introduction to the field of positive psychology. Topically organized, authors William C. Compton and Edward Hoffman examine how Positive Psychology relates to stressors and health, within such traditional research areas as developmental, clinical, personality, motivational, social, and behavioral psychology. Updates to the Fourth Edition include new material on the spread of positive psychology around the world and expanded coverage on character strengths, emotional intelligence, leisure, and the biology of positive emotions.

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Chapter 1. An Introduction to Positive Psychology
Chapter 2. Foundations: Emotion, Motivation, and the Nature of Well-Being
Chapter 3. Subjective Well-Being
Chapter 4. Leisure, Flow, Mindfulness, and Peak Performance
Chapter 5. Romantic Love and Positive Families
Chapter 6. Positive Health
Chapter 7. Excellence, Aesthetics, Creativity, and Genius
Chapter 8. Well-Being Across the Life Span
Chapter 9. Models of Optimal Well-Being
Chapter 10. Religion, Spirituality, and Well-Being
Chapter 11. Positive Institutions and Cultural Well-Being
Chapter 12. A Look Toward the Future of Positive Psychology


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Key features
  • All chapters of the book have been rewritten extensively to incorporate the newest research findings.
  • New material on the continuing popularity of positive psychology and the spread of positive psychology around the world.
  • Expanded coverage on the biology of positive emotions, character strengths, emotional intelligence, leisure, passion, grit, wisdom, and how music is related to well-being.
  • Updated research on the relationship between money and happiness, the importance of social support for health, the benefits of being in a committed romantic relationship, and therapeutic touch.
  • Recognizes the shifting values toward work brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Chapter-ending summaries review material covered that students can easily revisit.
  • A Key Terms and Ideas section at the end of each chapter lists terms and page numbers where these terms are explained.
  • Books and On the Web sections provide students with additional resources for further exploration.
  • A Personal Exploration section at the end of each chapter provides activities for students to interact with concepts to make them more memorable.
  • Learning Objectives start each chapter to ensure students understand key outcomes

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