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Primary Computing and Digital Technologies: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice

Primary Computing and Digital Technologies: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice

Seventh Edition

October 2016 | 328 pages | Learning Matters

What do you need to know to teach computing in primary schools? How do you teach it?

This book offers practical guidance on how to teach the computing curriculum in primary schools, coupled with the subject knowledge needed to teach it. 

This Seventh Edition is a guide to teaching the computing content of the new Primary National Curriculum.  It includes many more case studies and practical examples to help you see what good practice in teaching computing looks like.  It also explores the use of ICT in the primary classroom for teaching all curriculum subjects and for supporting learning in every day teaching. New chapters have been added on physical computing and coding and the importance of web literacy, bringing the text up-to-date. 

Computing is both a subject and a powerful teaching and learning tool throughout the school curriculum and beyond into many areas of children’s learning lives. This book highlights the importance of supporting children to become discerning and creative users of digital technologies as opposed to passive consumers.

Organising digital technologies in your classroom
Planning for digital technologies across the curriculum
Planning to use digital technologies in the Early Years Foundation Stage
Digital display technologies
Mobile technologies
Planning for primary computing as a subject
Assessment in primary computing
Computational thinking and programming
Physical computing
Web literacy (including coding for the web)
Digital media/digital literacies
Writing with digital technologies
Social media - tools for communicating, collaborating and publishing
Graphing programs
Databases and spreadsheets
Professional use of digital technologies
Safety; online and off
Ethical and legal issues

This is a useful book for Computing subject leaders in schools and one that I would recommend that schools have a reference copy of for all teachers to access. The book stresses the range of areas that computing covers and does not just focus on coding. Whilst not delving into any of the areas in great depth the coverage is very useful and gives essential and useful information, some practical ideas and reflective tasks and some links to wider research and literature.

Mr Paul Hopkins
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
May 5, 2017

Clear, concise and accessible

Mr Steve Dixon
Department of Education, Newman University
November 9, 2016

This book is full of useful information

Miss Anita Gebarowicz
Department of Primary Teacher Education, Manchester Metro University
October 20, 2016

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