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Principles of Acute Care Nursing

Principles of Acute Care Nursing

January 2023 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Taking a structured approach that maps to the ‘ABCDE’ method of patient assessment, the book provides a one-stop-shop for nursing students that shows how to plan care for the acutely ill adult. The use of case studies and activities bring the book to life with clear and simple explanations of the relevant anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology helping to build a deeper understanding of acute illness and disrupted homeostasis.

Key features:

  • Adopts a patient-centred approach that considers the full context of care, the patient’s own view and psycho-social needs
  • Blends the underlying science of health and illness with practical application
  • Contains activities, case studies, illustrations and figures to support a wide range of learning styles

Care of the Acutely Ill Adult
Upper Airway Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology
Breathing – Patient-Centred Approaches To Airway Management: Application To Practice.
Breathing – Anatomy, Physiology And Pathophysiology
Patient Centred Approaches To Breathing: Application To Practice
Circulation - Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology
Patient Centred Approaches To Circulation: Application To Practice
Disability – Anatomy, Physiology And Pathophysiology
Patient Centred Approaches To Disability: Application To Practice
Exposure: A Case Study
Law, Ethics and Non-technical Skills

Principles of Acute Nursing provides the reader with a full overview of the pathophysiology of acute illness that is encountered day-to-day. Offering a structured approach to patient management in line with the ABCDE approach. The book also uses thoughtful pedagogy to enable consolidation of learning, a must for all undergraduate adult nursing students.



Mike Parker, Associate Professor of Emergency Nursing
University of York

Safety in acute care is of paramount importance to all healthcare practitioners in today’s fast-paced practice environment.  This ‘go to’ guide is an ideal supporting resource for those studying to become a nurse or allied health professional, and for those already working in practice as an aide memoire. 

Jennifer Hill, Senior Lecturer, Course Leader, Foundation Degree Health and Social Care
University of Worcester

This book has relevant content that has been explained in great detail. The case studies included exemplify what happens in the context of clinical practice, making this book most suitable for second or third year student nurses, or qualified nurses moving into acute care for the first time.

Myles Harris, Senior Lecturer
London South Bank University

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