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Psychology and Sociology in Nursing

Psychology and Sociology in Nursing

Second Edition

May 2015 | 224 pages | Learning Matters
Nurses have to be aware of a range of sociological and psychological issues in order to provide holistic care. This book explores sociology and psychology relevant to nursing and explains why it is so important to understand these disciplines in order to be a good nurse. It is written specifically for nursing students, and clearly explains the key concepts using nursing case studies and examples. Chapters move from individual and personal issues onto wider society as a whole and explore the psychological and sociological basis of all aspects of nursing practice.
The Relevance of Psychology and Sociology for Nursing
Professional Values
Inequalities, Social Determinants of Health and Nursing Practice
Decision Making
Death, Stress and Resilience
Maternity and Children’s Nursing
Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
Conclusion: Current Issues and Future Directions

From developing a sociological imagination through to introducing communication, as well as discussing professionalism and decision making: Goodman possesses the ability to make the reader think and reflect about macro and micro issues that can influence nursing practice.

Helen Croft
Nursing Times

So much more than the sum of it's title.Students can access information on leadership and coping strategies relating to all nursing fields. Psychological and sociological perspectives give context to what is happening in the world of practice.

Mrs Lisa Jennison
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Hull University
June 13, 2018

Essential guide for students

Miss Maria Nolan Fortune
Career Education , Portobello Institute
November 24, 2016

An informative introduction to sociological and psychological perspectives within nursing. The book emphasises how an understanding of these perspectives is imperative to effective nursing, and attempts to do this in an accessible manner by linking relevant theory to practice.

Mr David Thompson
Department of Health & Social Studies, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
July 28, 2016

This book is aimed at nursing students. Concepts are clear and link directly to the wider issues in society. Students found it easy to interpret and apply to their writings

Mrs Sunray Heap
Sociology, Cardiff and Vale College TROWBRIDGE
July 6, 2016

This is a great book from an outstanding series. It tackles issues prevalent to nursing practice using clear examples which should reflect students' experiences.
Masters student will find this a good starting point for their inquiries into psychosocial concepts.

Mr Michael Klingenberg
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University
March 2, 2016

Another excellent book in a series I would fully recommend to nursing students. It explores sociology and psychology in a way that makes the reader want to learn more. The use of activities throughout help the student to make the links between theories and their own nursing practice.

Mrs Linda Robson
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University
June 21, 2015

Useful links to NMC and good activities to consolidate learning.

Mr Steven Collis
Nursing, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Derby University
May 12, 2015

easy read, but not for the first year student nurse

Ms carol-anne westwell
Nursing & Midwifery, Bangor University
May 8, 2015

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Psychology and Sociology in Nursing: Introduction

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