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Real Talk About Classroom Management

Real Talk About Classroom Management
57 Best Practices That Work and Show You Believe in Your Students

Second Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)

January 2024 | 328 pages | Corwin

Everything you need to feel confident — and for your students to feel valued — in your classroom

When we think of classroom management, we traditionally think of ways to keep students quiet, well behaved, and on task. Times have changed, though, and our classroom management practices need to change, too. Since the first edition of this book was written in 2018, the world has changed - a lot. This second edition walks teachers through how to keep and even stay one step ahead of our ever changing world. To prepare students for today’s and even tomorrow’s world, we need to consider classroom management as guiding students to work collaboratively, communicate with each other, and ultimately feel a sense of belonging. This is when learners thrive.

In Real Talk About Classroom Management, Second Edition, award-winning teacher Serena Pariser tells it like it is — teacher to teacher — with her relatable writing style and by sharing authentic personal accounts of failures and successes. Serena paves the way for teachers to develop classroom management practices that honor students while helping teachers to feel confident, prepared, and able to face challenges with grace.

With updated research and strategies, this edition includes

  • Reflection on the changes educators have faced over the past five years, particularly ways that the COVID-19 pandemic and sociocultural concerns have affected students and teachers
  • More emphasis on the importance of developing teamwork, communication, curiosity, and conflict resolution skills in students
  • Enhanced focus on social-emotional skills and how they relate to classroom management
  • Deeper exploration of best practices in instructional design, behavior management, and building relationships with colleagues and caregivers — as well as topics rarely covered in teacher preparation courses such as how to navigate colleague conflict in schools
  • Practical suggestions for avoiding burnout — and knowing when to ask for help

This thorough how-to book is packed with actionable classroom management practices for new and experienced teachers who want to create a lively, engaging classroom that students and teachers feel excited to enter each morning.

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Part 1. First Weeks of School
Part 2. Forming Positive Relationships With Your Students
Part 3. Engagement and Instruction
Part 4. Partnering and Cultivating Relationships with Stakeholders
Part 5. Spins That Will Wow Your Students
Part 6. Staying Afloat
Handy To-Go List of 57 Teaching Dos and Don'ts
The End… of the Beginning
Real Advice: Teacher to Teacher
Key features

The subtitle says it all: 57 Strategies That Work and Show Your Believe in Your Students. In this book, teachers will find:

  • Relatable, humorous, real-life stories from an award-winning teacher who knows what it's like to struggle with classroom management
  • Ideas to connect with all the kids in your classroom, even those who pose special challenges
  • Shifts in practice, such as edtech, behavior management, and co-teaching, that have occurred since the covid-19 pandemic
  • Super practical tools such as:
    • Suggested scripts for difficult conversations with parents or colleagues
    • Tips sheets for respectful discipline
    • Replicable behavior contracts
    • Seating chart advice and sample seating chart
    • Groupwork guide
    • Coteaching checklist and tips for successful colleague relationships
    • Guest speaker ideas and resources for the classroom
  • Suggestions for finding your teaching strengths, maintaining balance, and earning the respect of kids and adults

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