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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice
Writing and Professional Development

Fifth Edition
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March 2018 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Reflecting thoughtfully on your work is vital for improving your own self-awareness, effectiveness, and professional development. This newly updated Fifth Edition explores reflective writing as a creative and dynamic process for this critical inquiry.

This bestselling book has been used worldwide in various disciplines including: education, social work, business & management, medicine, and healthcare. It is essential reading for students and professionals seeking to enhance their reflective writing skills and to examine their own practice in greater critical depth.

Chapter 1: Reflective Practice: an Introduction
Chapter 2: Values and Principles of Reflective Practice
Chapter 3: Theories and Contexts of Reflective Practice
Chapter 4: The Power of Narrative
Chapter 5: Perspective
Chapter 6: The Power of Metaphor
Chapter 7: Writing as Reflection
Chapter 8: How to Do Reflective and Reflexive Writing
Chapter 9: Reflective Practice Journals
Chapter 10: Assessment and Evaluation
Chapter 11: Reflective Writing and Team Development
Chapter 12: Reflection on Reflection

A much needed text, a must for increasing students' understanding of the importance and value of reflective thinking and practice

Dr Colin Cameron
Department of Social Work and Communities, Northumbria University
February 19, 2018

This has become an essential characteristic of effective teachers, so it is required reading for our teacher trainees supporting their development as life long learners in this fast changing sector

Mrs Michele Fuller
Department of Education, Colchester Institute
February 7, 2018
Key features


  • An expanded range of exercises and activities
  • A new emphasis on using e-portfolios
  • Further guidance on reflective writing assignments
  • Enhanced discussion of reflection as a key employability skill
  • Additional online resources

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Reflective Practice: An Introduction