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Research Design for Business & Management

Research Design for Business & Management

September 2014 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Research Design for Business & Management is a logical and practical book which makes no assumptions about your prior research knowledge. It will instead provide you with a clear understanding of the commonly used methods in business and management research, and enable you to tackle the fundamental elements of the research process.

This book:

  • contains conversation boxes which answer and discuss the typical research questions you may have
  • focuses on the judgement calls that you will need to make in your research
  • uniquely demonstrates the circular relationships between research elements ensuring that you can relate chapters to your research process in real life
  • provides key insights into what the examiners and journals will look for in your research to help you get the best possible grades

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Research
Chapter 2: Misperceptions, Challenges and Judgement Calls in Research
Chapter 3: The Research Question
Chapter 4: Conducting a Literature Review
Chapter 5: Research Design
Chapter 6: Data, Sampling and Measurements
Chapter 7: Data Collection Methods
Chapter 8: Descriptive and Exploratory Analysis
Chapter 9: Qualitative Analysis
Chapter 10: Quantitative Analysis
Chapter 11: Writing Up
Chapter 12: The Importance of the Research Environment

Clear and concise guidance and explanation particularly on all aspects of design across the research process.

Dr Martine Middleton
School of Sport Tourism and The Outdoors, University of Central Lancashire
June 22, 2015

The author does a fine job in particular regarding research ethics, the development of a research question and literature review, and gives a good overview of the wide array of methods available in our field.

The book does however not address in details the question of research philosophies.

The conversation boxes and scenario boxes are a great addition: thanks to these, students can check their understanding or get interested in a given chapter if they are intrigued by the conversation or scenario. They can also be used in class as short exercises.

Dr Florence Villesèche
Dept Of International Economics & MGMT, Copenhagen Business School
March 27, 2015

Not suited to particular needs

Professor Robert Galavan
School of Business, National Univ of Ireland, Maynooth
March 25, 2015

I am hoping to be able to use this book as an essential book for research methodology

Mr Mohammed Al-husban
Faculty of Technology, Southampton Solent University
March 10, 2015

Parts of the book were at the right level for second year undergraduates embarking on their first research project.
Easy to read and the size of the books made it less daunting.

Mrs Audrey Bland
The Business School (Poole), Bournemouth University
February 23, 2015

Good book for students who have difficulties in designing their research. For not all students do have this difficulty, the book is clasified and presented to the students as "supplemental".

Mr Matthijs Hammer
School of Business, Building & Technology, Saxion Universities of Prof Education
February 19, 2015

Looking for a more student friendly textbook.

Dr Joseph Vella
Corporate communication, University of Malta
February 4, 2015

The book has the first nice chapters on the basics of research method. I also liked very much the focus on various "designs" of research. So, I will recommend the book to the students as a supplementary on the sessions in which we will discuss the research design. However, since the course is about different qualitative research methods, I will not consider the book as the main text book.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Free Univ., Amsterdam
January 16, 2015

the content of the course changed

Mrs Debby Goedknegt
FNT IGO, Hogeschool Utrecht
January 16, 2015

Excellent book!

Professor Ewald Mittelstaedt
Engineering and Business Managment, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences
December 29, 2014

For instructors

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