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Researching Health Together

Researching Health Together
Engaging Patients and Stakeholders, From Topic Identification to Policy Change

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March 2020 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The challenges of addressing health disparities, the ethical imperative to include stakeholders in research, and the slow translation of research evidence into practice are all driving a movement towards more community-based and participatory approaches to research. Researching Health Together brings together authors who have produced innovative methods or implemented projects focused on different stages of the research process, from question development to evaluation and translation. Editor Emily B. Zimmerman gathers exemplary new methods and projects into one place for the benefit of students designing research projects and proposals, those learning stakeholder-engaged methods, and those involved in implementing and funding stakeholder-engaged projects. Each chapter addresses: how engagement was conceptualized, organized, and implemented; how engagement was evaluated; impacts on processes and outcomes of the project; and facilitators, barriers, and lessons learned. The book serves as a core textbook for courses in community-based health research at the graduate level.

"[This book] focuses only on translational health research and expands beyond CBPR to include practice-based research networks (PBRN) and stakeholder-engaged research within health systems.... The overall strengths of this book are its in-depth and almost inspirational focus on CBPR methodology, be those actual geographic or cultural communities or disease-based communities.... Researching Health Together, in its first edition, is a necessary bridge from the theory of participatory health research to its application across research environments." - Journal of Participatory Research Methods

Joe V. Selby
About the Editor
Emily B. Zimmerman, Thomas W. Concannon
Part I: Stakeholder Engagement in Research Topic Identification and Modeling
Ann M. Cheney, Christina M. Reaves, Mary Figueroa, Alejandra Cabral, Greer Sullivan
1. Grassroots to Grasstops: A Stepwise Approach to Identify Community Health Priorities
Susan Dorr Goold, Zachary E. Rowe, Karen Calhoun
2. Deliberative Engagement of Communities in Decisions about Research Spending (DECIDERS)
Faustine Williams, Peter S. Hovmand, Kurt C. Stange
3. Group Model Building as a Community Engagement Strategy
Emily B. Zimmerman, Sarah K. Cook
4. The SEED Method: A Multi-level Stakeholder Approach to Research Question Development and Prioritization
Part II: Stakeholder Engagement in Research Design
Yvonne A. Joosten, Tiffany Israel, Leah Dunkel, Jacqueline Sims, Consuelo Hopkins Wilkins
5. The Community Engagement Studio: Tapping Into the Lived Experience of Community Members to Enhance Research
Kimberly Marschhauser, Claudia Grossmann, Maryan Zirkle
6. The History of PCORnet
Marleah Dean, Sue J. Friedman, Rebecca Sutphen, Beth Ann Bourquardez Clark, Debra Duquette, Lisa F. Rezende
7. Partners, Not Participants: Engaging Patients in the American BRCA Outcomes and Utilization of Testing (ABOUT) Network
Alex Krist, Paulette Lail Kashiri, J. Eric Peele, Gary Iwamoto, Colin Banas, Jon Puro
8. Engagement Methods for Practice-Based Research Networks and the Challenges with Health Information Technology Implementation
Part III: Implementing Stakeholder-Engaged Research
John M. Westfall, Linda Zittleman, Maret Felzien, High Plains Research Network (HPRN) Community Advisory Council
9. Free Range Humans: Engaging Patients, Practices, Provides, and People on the High Plains
Annette Boaz, Allison Metz
10. Engaging Stakeholders in Implementation of Evidence-Based Programs
Payam Sheikhattari, Jummai Apata, Laurie Bezold, Lisa Bleich, Fernando A. Wagner
11. Communities Engaged and Advocating for Smoke-Free Environments (CEASE)
Roberto Vargas, Casey N. Palmer, James Rouse Iñiguez, Paula Fleisher, Christina Goette, Brittni Chicuata, Sarah Campbell Fine, Eric Mar, Vanessa Bohm, Laura A. Schmidt
12. Translating Evidence to Policy: A Case Study of the San Francisco Soda Tax
Part IV: Stakeholder Engagement in Health and Health Systems Interventions
Kelly Williams, Tracy Carney, Jane Kogan, James Schuster
13. Comparative Effectiveness Research: Stakeholder Engagement for a Comprehensive Perspective
L. Ebony Boulware, Patti L. Ephraim, Teri Browne, Tara Strigo, Felicia Hill-Briggs, Jamie Green, Chelsie Hauer
14. Achieving Patient Centered Health Care Innovation Through Stakeholder Engagement
Lisa G. Rosas, Jan J. Vasquez, Jill Evans, Rhonda McClinton-Brown, Alberto Ojeda, Matilda Owaleon-Ojeda, Wayne Scott Waters, Robert E. Garcia
15. Community Engagement in an Urban AIAN Community to Address Diabetes Prevention
Linda Zittleman, Ashley Espinoza, John M. Westfall
16. Boot Camp Translation
Part V: Governance, Evaluation, And Ethics In Stakeholder-Engaged Research
Holly L. Peay, Elizabeth L. Cope, Elizabeth Horn, Madelaine E. Faulkner, Thomas W. Carton, Megan O’Boyle, Lorraine B. Johnson
17. Building the Proper Foundation: Governance for Stakeholder-Engaged Research
Thomas W. Concannon
18. Evaluating Engagement: Does the involvement of stakeholders improve research?
Michelle K. Brodesky, Karen Errichetti, M. Marlen Ramirez, San Juana Martinez-Gomez, Stephanie Tapia, Lisa Wolff, Mary V. Davis
19. Collaborating to Evaluate: The Sí Texas Partnership-Centered Evaluation Model
Donald J. Willison, Michael McDonald
20. Ethics Considerations When Involving Patients as Partners in Health Research
About the Contributors

An important text presenting the interface between community engagement and translational research. Well-researched and written chapters packed with up to date and revealing information on an important topic. 

Lutchmie Narine
Syracuse University

This is an impressive, comprehensive, and up-to-date volume on community engagement in health research. Drawing upon diverse conceptual models and empirical case studies, this book offers exciting, cutting-edge ideas in this rapidly growing field. A must-have for researchers and practitioners. 

Jennifer Chan
University of British Columbia

The book provides a coherent narrative through a progression of "building blocks" for understanding how research and policies can interface to benefit the quality of life of individuals and entire communities. 

Marcello Maviglia
University of Michigan

This book is an amazing compendium of current methods for improving stakeholder engagement in research. Here readers can see different strategies working in different populations, for their own use. 

Deborah J. Bowen
University of Washington

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