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Researching National Security and Intelligence Policy

Researching National Security and Intelligence Policy

July 2004 | 400 pages | CQ Press

National security issues are a constant concern in today's world. Accompanying heightened public interest in national security is an increased desire on the part of students, scholars, and professional researchers to learn more about government policy in this area. Written by an ARL librarian, Researching National Security and Intelligence Policy examines and annotates the rich variety of unclassified print and electronic resources available to users studying the formulation of national security policy in the U.S. and throughout the English-speaking world.

Resources analyzed for their accessibility and usefulness include U.S. Government executive branch documents and other national security policy documents produced by English language governments. Coverage includes the print and electronic literature produced by independent agencies and commissions, public policy and academic research think tanks, and in books and scholarly journals.

Background information on the origins and development of national security policy study in the U.S. is included as are sidebar features that provide unique and useful tips on high-interest national security topics including:

  • Bioterrorism
  • Homeland security
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Terrorist groups and sponsors
  • Federal laws
  • Treaties and alliances

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ISBN: 9781568028552