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Resources for New Sociology Instructors


Welcome to the Sage Sociology Community!

Explore the wealth of open-access resources to kickstart your journey in teaching sociology.

Aspiring educators, researchers, and practitioners form the backbone of the sociological discipline. At Sage College Publishing, we are delighted to provide an array of professional development tools to assist newcomers in this field. Discover insights from seasoned instructors and industry experts, access valuable teaching resources, seize award opportunities, and much more.


Sociology Exchange:
Weekly Answers for Sociology Educators

Experience the power of collective wisdom with Sociology Exchange—where every week brings new learning opportunities for instructors.

Sociology Exchange is a conduit facilitating the flow of knowledge from  experienced to early-career sociology professors. Through a dynamic exchange of weekly questions posed by novice instructors and resolved by our esteemed panel of trusted sociology authors, we empower you with valuable insights and tried-and-tested strategies from seasoned professionals in the field of sociology, accelerating your growth and competence. 

Use Helpful 
Teaching Aids

Try these tools featuring a "What I Wish I'd Known Then About Teaching Sociology" infographic from seasoned educators.

Boost Your Career
with Relevant Skills

Enhance your professional brand, expand your interview skills, boost your job offer negotiation skills, and more! 

Tune in to Sociology
Expert Podcasts

Listen to sociology podcasts to hear experts discuss trending topics in the field. 

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Awards for Sociology Educators