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Single Parent Families and Public Policy: Evidence from High-Income Countries

Single Parent Families and Public Policy: Evidence from High-Income Countries

January 2023 | SAGE Publications, Inc

For decades, single-parent families in the United States have captured the attention of policymakers, political actors, and social reformers. This is understandable: the absence of a second parent in a child’s home – nearly always the father – places families and children at risk of economic insecurity and material hardship.

Policymaking in the U.S. that seeks to help single parent families and children is rarely informed by evidence from other high-income countries and by policy experimentation abroad.  This is a lost opportunity.  This volume brings together thirty researchers from many academic disciplines to assess the well-being of single parent families and children in other countries and in other public policy regimes.

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Janet C. Gornick Laurie C. Maldonado Amanda Sheely
Single-Parent Families and Public Policy in High-Income Countries: Introduction to the Volume
Poverty, Employment, Income, and Income-Support Policies
Regina S. Baker
Ethno-Racial Variation in Single Motherhood Prevalences and Penalties for Child Poverty in the United States, 1995–2018
Thomas Biegert David Brady Lena Hipp
Cross-National Variation in the Relationship between Welfare Generosity and Single Mother Employment
Elise Aerts Ive Marx Zachary Parolin
Income Support Policies for Single Parents in Europe and the United States: What Works Best?
Support from Nonresident Fathers
Lenna Nepomnyaschy Margaret Thomas Alex Haralampoudis Huiying Jin
Nonresident Fathers and the Economic Precarity of Their Children
Mia Hakovirta Laura Cuesta Mari Haapanen Daniel R. Meyer
Child Support Policy across High-Income Countries: Similar Problems, Different Approaches
Childcare, Parental Leave, and Immigration Policies
Rense Nieuwenhuis
Single Parents Competing in a Dual-Earner Society: Social Policy to Level the Playing Field
Alzbeta Bartova Adeline Otto Wim Van Lancker
Making Parental Leave Policies Work for Single Mothers: Lessons from Europe
Isabel Shutes
Immigration Policies and the Risks of Single Parenthood for Migrant Women
Across the Income Distribution and Wealth
Susan Harkness
Single Mothers’ Income in Twelve Rich Countries: Differences in Disadvantage across the Distribution
Salvatore Morelli Brian Nolan Juan C. Palomino Philippe Van Kerm
The Wealth (Disadvantage) of Single-Parent Households
Single-Parent Families in the U.S. during COVID-19
Zachary Parolin Emma K. Lee
Economic Precarity among Single Parents in the United States during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Summative Commentaries
Isabel V. Sawhill
Single Parents in High-Income Countries: What the United States Can Learn from Others
Janet C. Gornick Laurie C. Maldonado Amanda Sheely
Effective Policies for Single-Parent Families and Prospects for Policy Reforms in the United States: Concluding Reflections

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ISBN: 9781071905029

ISBN: 9781071905036