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Social Problems Interactive eBook

Social Problems Interactive eBook
Community, Policy, and Social Action

Fifth Edition
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August 2015 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Empower your students to become part of the solution. With a clear and upbeat voice, this thought-provoking overview of social problems challenges readers to understand and recognize social problems in their communities and inspires them to become part of the solution. The Fifth Edition of this popular book goes beyond the typical presentation of contemporary social problems and their consequences by emphasizing the importance and effectiveness of community involvement to achieve real solutions. With an overarching focus on social inequalities and policy, this proven text provides a platform for discussion that encourages critical thinking and inspires hope.

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Key features


  • Exploring Social Problems features offer a closer empirical examination of social problems like HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, minimum wage employment and health care access.
  • Sociology at Work features review the invaluable workplace skills that students will develop as a sociology major and presents the stories of sociology graduates who continue to rely on their sociological imaginations in their work.
  • Data updates throughout the text reflect the latest from the U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor, Department of Energy, UN, Pew and Gallup.
  • New scholarship is included in each chapter, ensuring a completely up-to-date and cutting edge study of social problems. Examples of new research in the Fifth Edition focus on: wealth and income inequality, racial profiling, diversity in children’s literature, intimate partner violence, teen birth rates, parental leave policies, flexible work hours, Americans without health insurance, e-cigarettes, hydraulic fracking and water shortages in California.
  • Current events, including immigration, living wage movement, same sex marriage and global terrorism, are highlighted throughout, helping students make connections between what they are reading and what is going on in the world around them.


  • The author presents four theoretical perspectives for each social problem: functionalist, conflict, feminist, and interactionist.
  • The text includes five chapters that focus on the bases of social inequality, and emphasizes how social class and poverty, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and age and aging, contribute to our experience and understanding of social problems.
  • Throughout the text, the consequences of social problems throughout the world are highlighted, drawing upon data and research from international scholars and sociologists 
  • Each chapter includes a discussion on relevant social policies or programs and how individuals or groups have made a difference in their community.
  • The chapters include personal stories, from professionals in their field and from ordinary individuals who have accomplished extraordinary things.
  • More than most social problems texts, there is a strong focus on social policy, social action, and the significant social policy decisions and debates taking place in our society.

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