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Sociologists in Action

Sociologists in Action
Sociology, Social Change, and Social Justice

Second Edition
Edited by:

March 2013 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The only text to provide real-life examples of how practicing sociologists use sociology to work toward social change and social justice!

Providing vivid examples of how sociologists are using sociological tools to make a positive impact on our society, this one-of-a-kind book helps students better understand how their study of sociology can be put to good use in today’s world. Each of the 14 chapters, closely aligned with key topics in sociology courses, is filled with stories from practicing sociologists that help students better understand how their sociology studies can be applied and provides answers to the question, “…but what can I do with a sociology degree?” Discussion questions and suggested additional readings and resources at the end of each chapter give students the opportunity to delve further into the topics covered and carry out full and nuanced discussions, grounded in the “real world” work of public sociologists.

Contributor to the SAGE Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award

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The Sociological Perspective
Sociology: Promise and Potential Through Praxis

Cheryl Joseph
Human Rights and the Sociological Imagination: How Sociologists Can Help Make the World a Better Place

Mayra Gómez
Stand Up and Speak Out

Judith Wittner
Getting Behind the Headlines and Going Where the Action Is: My Career as A Sociologist in Non-Academic Settings

Georgette F. Bennett
Critical Mixed-Race Studies: The Intersections of Identity and Social Justice

Andrew Jolivette
Doing Sociology: Creating Equal Employment Opportunities

Menah Pratt-Clarke
Using Sociology for College Success

Laura Nichols
Research Methods
The Michigan Alcohol and Other Drugs School Survey

Thomas L. Van Valey
Using Sociological Skills for Movements to Confront Power: The Genesis of the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP)

Bruce Nissen
Positive Deviance Research as a Way to Help People

Samuel R. Friedman
Academic as Social Entrepreneur: Creating Organizations for Social Change

Juliet Schor
Excerpt From ‘The Diary of a Mad Social Scientist

Corey Dolgon
Youth Culture, Identity, and Resistance: Participatory Action Research in a Puerto Rican Barrio

Nilda Flores-González and Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz
Socialization, Stereotypes, and Homelessness

Michele Wakin
Reengaging Activism in the Socialization of Undergraduate Students

Shelley White
Dangerous Behaviors? Police Encounters With Juvenile Gang Offenders

Susan Guarino-Ghezzi
Deviant Behavior
Reducing Hate and Prejudice on Campus: A Sociologist’s Contributions”

Jack Levin
Using Evidence-Based Research to Inform Public Policy: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina

David S. Kirk
The Politics of Protest Policing

Alex S. Vitale
From Damaged Goods to Empowered Patients

Adina Nack
Social Movements
Never Again Must Mean Never

Ellen J. Kennedy
Change the World—Start at School

Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur
A Campus Gun-Free Zone Movement

Rob Benford
Social Movements and Activist Sociology

Charles Derber
Stratification and Social Class
Housing and Homelessness in Maine: A Case of Public Sociology in Practice

Joe Bandy
Relocating the Homeless—or Not!

James D. Wright
Sociology Is Action: Using Sociology for Children’s Rights

Jonathan White
Race and Ethics Relations
Bridging the Campus and the Community: Blogging About the Asian American Experience

C. N. Le
The Responsibilities of Relationships: Using Sociology to Build Meaningful Alliances

Barbara Gurr
Putting Sociology to Work in Winnersville, USA

Mark Patrick George
Methods of Truth and Reconciliation

David Cunningham
Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
Sex in Some Cities: Explorations of AIDS/HIV Education and Hooking Up

Rebecca Plante
A Public Sociology of Gender and Masculinity

Michael Kimmel
The Southern West Virginia Photovoice Project: Community Action Through Sociological Research

Shannon Elizabeth Bell
Getting the Message Out

Susan Stall
Globalization and Immigration
Interracial Conflict and Attempts at Reconciliation in Auburn, Maine

Joe Bandy, with Elspeth Benard (Dennison)
How Culture Matters in Poverty Alleviation Efforts: Microcredit and Confucian Ideas in Rural China

Becky Hsu
Localizing International Human Rights: Engaging with the World Social Forum Process

Jackie Smith
Informed Debate in a Political Minefield

Irene Bloemraad
Community-Based Research and Immigrant Rights

Leah Schmalzbauer
Environmental Justice
Reducing Pesticide Exposure Risks: An Environmental Sociologist’s Role

(Hanna-) Andrea Rother
Using a Sociological Tool Kit to Make Energy Efficiency Happen

Lou Jacobson
Activist Scholarship for Environmental Justice

David Naguib Pellow
The Sociology of Environmental Justice: Merging Research and Action

Daniel Faber
Social Institutions (Family, Economy)
Sociological Advocacy for Children

Yvonne Vissing
From Hollowing Out the Middle to Reimagining Small Towns

Patrick J. Carr
Why Don’t We Do Something About It?’ Response to Job Loss in Rural Communities

Leslie Hossfeld
Social Institutions, Continued (Education, Government, Religion)
A Sociologist as a Social Seismographer: Understanding the Earthquake in Class Inequality in U.S. Higher Education

Sigal Alon
Promoting Community Environmental Sustainability Using a Project-Based Approach

Dadit Hidayat, Randy Stoecker, and Heather Gates
Using Sociology to Counter Stereotypes: The Case of American Muslims

John O’Brien and Besheer Mohamed
Out of the Tower and Into the Capitol: How Sociology Students Helped Spark the Wisconsin Uprising 277

Charity A. Schmidt
Democracy Matters: Giving Students a Political Voice

Joan D. Mandle

I like Newman's books better.

Dr Henry Bartlett
History, Philosophy & Social Sciences, SUNY Broome
April 8, 2015

Well written, with appropriate emphasis on primary research and engagement. I tried it for a semester it because it was available as part of a low cost bundle and have been impressed by some other texts edited by the same authors. Probably not the best choice for community college students whose opinions about social justice and positive social change may or may not mesh with the authors- workable and maybe useful as a secondary text with well designed assignments. Norton's "Contexts Reader" was a better, if overpriced and somewhat outdated choice for my students though I am sure that Sociologists in Action would be excellent in other contexts.

Ms Cynthia Coleman
Social Science Dept, Tompkins Cortland Cmty College
October 9, 2014
Key features

· Sociologists in Action pieces (three to five in each chapter) provide students with “real world” stories that demonstrate how sociologists use their sociological tools to make a difference.

· Several Sociologists in Action pieces are brand-new to this edition, while older pieces are archived at the book’s companion website.

· Clear examples of the power and usefulness of sociology in working toward social change and social justice help students see how sociology is used in the real world.

· Closely aligned with key topics in sociology courses, the book is ideal for classroom use.

· Chapter-ending discussion questions and additional readings and resources help create full and nuanced discussions, grounded in the real-world work of public sociologists.


Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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