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Sociology of Sexualities

Sociology of Sexualities

Second Edition

August 2020 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Sociology of Sexualities takes a unique sociological approach to the study of sexualities and explores the ways sexuality operates in and through institutions. Drawing on the most up-to-date scientific research on sexuality, as well as the latest political developments on the issues, this core text helps students connect knowledge about sexuality with their broader understanding of society. The thoroughly revised Second Edition includes updated and expanded discussions of the latest sociological research and social justice movements regarding gender and sexuality, as well as a new chapter exploring sexuality and social class, space, and place.

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Preface to the Second Edition
Chapter 1: The Social Construction of Sexuality
The Sociology of Sexualities


Evidence of the Social Construction of Sexuality

Sexual Revolutions

Sexual Relationships: Beyond Monogamy

Sexual Invisibility

Sexuality Across the Life Course

Sexualizing Racial/Ethnic Minorities

Sexual Minorities Beyond LGBTQ


Chapter 2: The Science of Sexuality
Understanding Sexuality Through Science

Sociology and Social Constructionism

The Science of Homosexuality

The Science of Monogamy

Sexuality Studies in Academia

Researching Sex: Methodological and Ethical Concerns


Chapter 3: Gender and Sexuality
Social Construction of Gender

Challenging the Gender Binary: Gender in Non-Western Cultures

Intersection of Gender and Sexuality



Intersex and Sexuality


Chapter 4: Social Class, Space, Place, and Sexuality
Social Class and Sexuality

Colonialism, Capitalism, and Sexuality

Class and Sexual Behaviors

Class, Poverty, and Sexual Rights

Space, Place, and Sexuality


Chapter 5: Sexuality, Inequality, and Privilege
The Sociology of Inequality

Legal Discrimination

Sexuality and Social Control

Transgender Discrimination and Inequality

Heterosexual and Cisgender Privilege


Chapter 6: LGBTQ and Sexuality-Based Mobilization and Activism
The Sociology of Social Movements

Before Stonewall: The Homophile Movement

After Stonewall: The Modern Gay Rights Movement

Transgender Activism and Rights

Bisexual Activism

Sexuality-Based Activism Beyond LGBTQ Activism


Chapter 7: Media, Sport, and Sexuality
Media and Sexuality

LGBTQ Representations in Television and Film

Sexuality and Sport

Coming Out of the Athletic Closet

Creating Space for Intersex and Transgender Athletes


Chapter 8: Sexuality, Schools, and the Workplace
Schools, Sexuality, and Social Control

Sex Education

Sexuality and the Workplace


Chapter 9: Religion, Family, and Sexuality
Religion and Sexuality

LGBTQ Families

Intimate Partner Violence


Chapter 10: Sexuality and Reproduction
Compulsory Reproduction

The Body as a Social Construction

Stratified Reproduction

Pregnancy and Childbirth


Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy and Birth

Birth Control

Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Choice


Chapter 11: Sexual Health
Understanding Sexual Health

Sexuality and Disability

Sexually Transmitted Infections


Chapter 12: Commodification of Sex

Sex Work

Globalization and Sexuality

Sex Tourism


Chapter 13: Sexual Violence
Understanding Sexual Violence

Racialized Homophobic and Transphobic Violence

Carceral Sexuality


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“[Sociology of Sexualities] has a strong intersectional focus, strong connections to contemporary social events and research, and clear and accessible writing.”

Rachel Schmitz
Oklahoma State University

“This book has a nice balance with regard to micro and macro level examples, data, and theories.”

Kassia Wosick
El Camino College
Key features
  • A new chapter (Chapter 4) explores intersectionality across social class, place and space with sexuality.
  • Updated and expanded discussions of the latest sociological research on sexuality and social justice movements regarding gender and sexuality are in every chapter. Topics include the impact of the #MeToo Movement, the Trump administration’s rollback of LGBTQ rights, and the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women.
  • New sections discuss the science of monogamy, the intersections between sexuality and transgender and gender nonbinary individuals, sexuality and intersex individuals, corporations and their perspectives on LGBTQ rights, stratified reproduction as a theoretical framework, and more.


  • This is a unique textbook that explores the ways sexuality operates in and through institutions such as sports, media, schools, workplaces, family, and religion.
  • Focuses not only on the social construction of sexuality but also on the sexual status hierarchy, emphasizing the privileges heterosexual and cisgender individuals experience and the discrimination sexual minorities face.
  • Explores the organized opposition to discrimination, demonstrating to students the misconception that progress is “inevitable” and, instead, is the result of decades of organized activism.
  • The text discusses a range of social problems and inequalities, including research on sexual assault, rape, pornography, sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, prison sex, intimate partner violence within same-sex relationships, and sexuality and militarism.
  • Global/transnational perspectives on sexuality help students understand sexuality as a social construction that changes across time and place.
  • The text includes chapters on the science of sexuality, from early sexologists to queer theory; coverage of issues facing transgender people; an exploration of sexual health, disability and sexuality, and sexually transmitted infections; and on reproduction.

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