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Strategic Management

Strategic Management
From Confrontation to Transformation

  • Henk W Volberda - Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rick M. A. Hollen - Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Joana R. Pereira - Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK
  • Jatinder S. Sidhu - Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK
  • Kevin Heij - Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
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March 2024 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In the quest for competitive advantage, navigating change can be daunting. Following a unique, four-part structure focusing on and confronting strategic issues, sensing opportunities and threats, choosing strategies ,and transforming organizations, this essential textbook offers a fresh and provocative perspective on strategic management.

Covering the latest theories and concepts and taking an action-oriented approach, the book includes:

  • Cutting-edge content on the confront-sense-choose-transform stages of strategic management such as purpose and sustainability, emerging technologies, ecosystems and platforms, and business model innovation
  • Four diagnostic chapters providing practical tools for each stage of the strategy process
  • Nearly 70 case studies of internationally recognisable companies like Airbnb, Ben & Jerry’s, Epic Games store, Hilton, Icebreaker, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Northvolt, Tesla and PayPay
  • 'Key Debate’ boxes outlining opposing perspectives on hot topics in the strategy field and ‘Strategic Focus’ boxes digging deeper into contemporary phenomena

Instructors can access a range of online resources, including a teaching guide complete with case study teaching notes, further reading and video links, PowerPoints and a bank of additional case studies.

Suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of strategy, Strategic Management: From Confrontation to Transformation will help you grow your knowledge and experience of developing and implementing strategy in the real world.
Henk W. Volberda is Professor of Strategy & Innovation at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam.

Rick M.A. Hollen is a Lecturer and Researcher at the Strategy & International Business section of the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam and a Managing Research Associate at the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation (ACBI).

Joana R. Pereira is Lecturer in the Strategy and Organization group of Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds.

Jatinder S. Sidhu is Professor and Chair in Strategic Management and Organization at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds.

Kevin Heij is Senior Researcher of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Strategic Management
Part I Confront
Chapter 2 Direction, Purpose and Sustainability
Chapter 3 Stakeholders and Corporate Governance
Chapter 4 Competitive Rivalry and Nonmarket Forces
Chapter 5 Emerging Technologies
Diagnostic A: Confrontrix
Part II Sense
Chapter 6 Industry and Product-Market Analysis
Chapter 7 Customer Analysis
Chapter 8 Resources, Routines, Capabilities and Competencies
Chapter 9 Ecosystems and Platforms
Diagnostic B: iSense
Part III Choose
Chapter 10 Business-level Strategy
Chapter 11 Diversification and Internationalization
Chapter 12 Corporate-level Strategy
Chapter 13 Network-level Strategy
Diagnostic C: ChooseWell
Part IV Transform
Chapter 14 Reconfiguration and Restructuring
Chapter 15 Strategic Entrepreneurship
Chapter 16 Business Model Innovation
Chapter 17 Strategic Renewal
Diagnostic D: Transformax


Strategic Management: From Confrontation to Transformation" is an excellent example of how a business textbook can successfully combine scholarly depth with practical application. The carefully structured design of the chapters is particularly noteworthy. Each chapter begins with an opening case, followed by theoretically and empirically grounded information from high-quality sources. Then, the chapter features a section where the case is analysed using the ideas presented, concluding with a closing case and experiential exercises for the reader to further develop their skills.


This structured approach makes the book an invaluable resource for a wide range of readers, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, managers seeking to broaden their strategic perspectives, and management consultants (as well as prospective management consultants) looking to expand their toolkit for cracking cases. Additionally, this book is an excellent resource for designing a hands-on module on strategic management. Its balanced mix of theory and practice ensures that readers can understand and apply strategic management concepts effectively.


Overall, the book is grounded in highly authoritative sources and offers an extensive review of key debates within the strategy field in a practical manner. I strongly recommend it.

Dr Aybars Tuncdogan
King's College

I have had the pleasure of reading Strategic Management during my Executive MBA classes of Corporate Strategy by Prof. H. Volberda and R. Hollen. The book has provided me with incredible insights on the topic of strategy and business models that I was able to easily apply to my own work. Especially the topics of partner and platform ecosystems has been very insightful and relevant for my own work and industry. The book provides interesting case studies of a wide variety of global and local businesses. Thanks to the steps outlined from formulating a strategy all the way to implementing has helped me tremendously in my professional life. In the past year I was able to use a lot of the material to formulate and now implement a board-level approved introduction of a freemium business model. This book is in my opinion the holy grail of strategic management and I can recommend it to anyone interest in learning more about corporate strategy, business models and innovation.

Bram Huis in 't Veld
Global Partner Lead at Awin Global, EMBA.

Strategic Management: From Confrontation to Transformation is a highly practical guide, offering a rich toolbox for implementation. It skillfully blends established theories with fresh insights, illustrated through relevant business cases. This makes it an invaluable resource for those looking to effectively navigate the complexities of strategic management.

Joeri van der Wees
Senior Consultant, Turner

Emerging technology, Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability focus, digital transformation, business model transformation, and shifting consumer behaviours, have been influencing how companies run and direct their strategies. This book Strategic Management: From Confrontation to Transformation is a brilliant compass for business leaders to navigate in a rapidly changing world. It breaks away from the conventional strategy textbooks as it prioritizes contemporary themes, provides diverse and in-depth business cases worldwide with new ways of learning, and discusses strategy tensions and trade-offs between options. The Confront-Sense-Choose-Transform process of strategic management presents useful theoretical perspectives, concrete tools, and new perspectives, that are highly implementable in real-life business cases. I never found such a comprehensive strategic management book that is intriguing and handy. I highly recommend this book not only to anyone who dares to formulate, pitch, and transform businesses to the next level!

Ivana Kristanti
Strategic Procurement at Cloetta

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