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Teaching and Training Vocational Learners

Teaching and Training Vocational Learners

December 2013 | 200 pages | Learning Matters
If you are teaching or training to teach vocational learners across the further education and skills sector or in the workplace, this is your essential guide.

Teaching and Training Vocational Learners is a focused text written to support those who are working with vocational learners, taking into account the specific needs of this group. It provides practical advice and guidance to help you to shape your approach to teaching, learning and assessment. It has comprehensive coverage of the learning you need to prepare you to teach. Throughout, the authors offer a range of exciting and practical examples to help you to expand your 'vocational teaching toolkit'. Included are lesson plans, assessment grids, assignment briefs, ideas to engage employers, help on marking vocational evidence, planning trips and visits and much more.

What is Vocational Education?
The Changing Landscape
Engaging and Motivating Vocational Learners
Employer Engagement
Planning Your Approach
Experiential and Applied Learning
Vocational Assessment
Observing Vocational Learning
The Practitioner Voice
Appendix 1 - Example of a Vocational Scheme of Work
Appendix 2 - Assessment Plan Template
Appendix 3 - IRIS Reflection Template

This book should prove valuable to new and experienced teachers and trainers alike as it provides a useful update on the latest changes affecting the further education and skills landscape as well as practicable material to support educators in their daily practice. Chapters cover learner engagement strategies, enhancing your practice by working with employers, ideas for and support in planning your programmes, ideas and advice on making your vocational practice more experiential and active, multi-modal and multimedia approaches, assessment and the importance of reflection on practice.

In Tuition, Institute for Learning
In Tuition, Institute for Learning

Useful for Lecturers teaching on apprenticeship provision would be nice to see some recognition towards higher qualifications such as levels 6 and 7

Mrs Laura Castles
Business Law, University of The West of England
March 24, 2021

This book provides a good overview of some of the issues that a teacher/assessor of vocational learners needs to consider. It is a little generic in places, but there are plenty of examples from different settings that will enable readers to draw parallels and gain context for their learning. I recommend this book for the L5 Teaching and Learning Apprenticeship.

Mr Nasrullah Anwar
Public Services, Runshaw College - Chorley
October 31, 2019

Provides a good level of additional reading to support teaching of vocational learners.

Mr Daniel James Brown
Eary Years Education, St Vincent College
October 1, 2016

Interesting but not relevant to HPE. Some concepts adaptable.

Mrs Carrie Kirby
School Health & Social Care, Oxford Brookes University
May 28, 2015

This book is an essential read as it covers all aspects for Teacher Training Qualifications. My students have used this towards their CET, DET and TAQA awards and has been an interesting read for all.

Mrs Patricia Allison
NVQ Office, Wiltshire and Somerset Colleges Partnership Ltd
March 16, 2015

practical and easy to follow

Mrs Jacqui Edwards
Continuing Education and Teacher Training, Guildford College
February 4, 2015

This is a very well thought out text which provides detailed information and guidance on a range of issues which are relevant to those delivering vocational training in a range of contexts. It is useful for both trainees on courses who are perhaps new to delivering on vocational programmes as well as teacher trainers wishing to expand their own understanding of this important area.

Ms Anita Collins
Education , Leeds City College
November 20, 2014

Excellent text for educators working in vocational training.

Miss Kate Mc Auliffe
Childcare, Cork College of Commerce
November 1, 2014

As we already use a lot of A.Gravells books, a lot of information is repeated.
If you don't already have any of her books, then I would recommend.

Mrs Hayley Jules
Teacher training, Sussex Coast College
October 9, 2014

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