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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political & Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political & Social Science
Detaining Democracy? Criminal Justice and American Civic Life

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December 2013 | 306 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Vesla M. Weaver, Jacob S. Hacker, and Christopher Wildeman
Introduction: Detaining Democracy? Criminal Justice and American Civic Life
How the Criminal Justice System Shapes Social Inequality and the Capacity of Citizens
Stephanie Ewert, Bryan L. Sykes, and Becky Pettit
The Degree of Disadvantage: Incarceration and Inequality in Education
Hedwig Lee, Lauren C. Porter, and Megan Comfort
Consequences of Family Member Incarceration: Impacts on Civic Participation and Perceptions of the Legitimacy and Fairness of Government
Christopher Wildeman
Parental Incarceration, Child Homelessness, and the Invisible Consequences of Mass Imprisonment
Kristin Turney
Incarceration and Social Inequality: Challenges and Directions for Future Research
How the Criminal Justice System Shapes Learning and Perceptions
Aliya Saperstein, Andrew Penner, and Jessica M. Kizer
The Criminal Justice System and the Racialization of Perceptions
Jason Schnittker
The Psychological Dimension and the Social Consequences of Incarceration
Christopher Muller and Daniel Schrage
Mass Imprisonment and Trust in the Law
Benjamin Justice and Tracey L. Meares
How the Criminal Justice System Educates Citizens
Glenn C. Loury
Detention, Democracy, and Inequality in a Divided Society
How the Criminal Justice System Shapes Political Outcomes and Behaviors
Traci R. Burch
Effects of Imprisonment and Community Supervision on Neighborhood Political Participation in North Carolina
Amy E. Lerman and Vesla M. Weaver
Staying Out of Sight? Concentrated Policing and Local Political Action
Marc Meredith and Michael Morse
Do Voting Rights Notification Laws Increase Ex-Felon Turnout?
Joe Soss
Classes, Races, and Marginalized Places: Notes on the Study of Democracy’s Demise
What Might the Future Hold
Michael Leo Owens
Ex-Felons’ Organization-Based Political Work for Carceral Reforms
David Dagan and Steven M. Teles
Locked In? Conservative Reform and the Future of Mass Incarceration
Eric Cadora
Civic Lessons: Why Certain Schemes to End Mass Incarceration Will Fail
Closing Comments on Criminal Justice and American Civic Life
Marie Gottschalk
Democracy and the Carceral State in America
Robert J. Sampson
Criminal Justice Processing and the Social Matrix of Adversity
Bruce Western
Incarceration, Inequality, and Imagining Alternatives

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