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The Communication Age

The Communication Age
Connecting and Engaging

Fourth Edition

January 2023 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
When should you send a text message, and when is it more appropriate to talk face-to-face? What is the best way to prepare for a job interview that will be conducted over video? How should you modify your speech if it will be recorded and posted online?  The Communication Age: Connecting and Engaging introduces students to the foundational concepts and essential skills of effective communication, with a strong emphasis on the impact of technology in our increasingly interconnected world.

This new Fourth Edition helps students become involved in our diverse global community and learn how to apply key principles of effective communication—whether incorporating media, technology, or traditional face-to-face speech communication—to foster civic engagement for a better future. With comprehensive coverage of the essentials of interpersonal, small group, and public communication, this text is ideal for use in hybrid introduction to communication courses.

Chapter 1. Communication in the 21st Century
Chapter 2. Perception, Self, and Communication
Chapter 3. Verbal Communication
Chapter 4. Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 5. Listening
Chapter 6. Communication, Culture, and Diversity
Chapter 7. Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 8. Small Group and Team Communication
Chapter 9. Workplace and Organizational Communication
Chapter 10. Communication and New Media
Chapter 11. Selecting and Researching Your Topic and Knowing Your Audience
Chapter 12. Organizing Your Presentation
Chapter 13. Delivering Your Presentations
Chapter 14. Informative Presentations
Chapter 15. Persuasive Presentations
Key features

  • Updated examples exist throughout the textbook that use COVID-19.  We acknowledge how communication practices and contexts have been affected by the pandemic and consider how COVID-19 may affect future interaction in the Communication Age.
  • New animation videos illustrate key concepts in each chapter to help students understand the fundamentals of communication.
  • Updated references throughout keep readers up-to-date with the latest scholarship in the field and its application to everyday life.
  • New student speeches demonstrate how to give effective informative, persuasive, and small group speeches.
  • The re-designed “What You’ve Learned” end-of-chapter pedagogy organizes key terms, review questions, and critical thinking questions according to learning objective.
  • Updated feature boxes incorporate current events and communication issues into the revised text. The “Make a Difference” feature now includes “Questions to Consider.”

  • Communication Unplugged encourages students to put their devices down and offers practical tips for communicating without the assistance of technology when needed.
  • Career Frontier presents examples and suggestions for using communication skills to enhance career development.
  • Assess Your Communication encourages students to engage in a self-inventory to prepare them for a variety of communication contexts and better material comprehension.
  • Communication How To creatively directs students to apply course content to real life situations, making the information learned more meaningful.
  • Make a Difference promotes student civic engagement and activism connected to chapter content, supporting students to make a difference in their communities.
  • Ethical Connection emphasizes the importance of ethical communication in the Communication Age through the examination of face-to-face and mediated communication.

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