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The Nurse's Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book

The Nurse's Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book

August 2017 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd


Are you overwhelmed by how much you have to learn?

Do you want a fun and easy way to study A&P, and remember it?

The perfect antidote to hours of dense reading, colouring is fun, creative and a proven learning technique.  Put pencil to paper and help your brain to make deep learning connections, improving your ability to retain knowledge and recall it in class, exams or practise.

You’ll learn without even realising it!

Features include:

  • Short and simple introductions to each subject
  • An innovative two step approach, asking you to identify the anatomy and complete the label and add colour as you work through each illustration. 


Chapter 1: Descriptors of the body
Chapter 2: Homeostasis in Person-Centred Practice
Chapter 3: The Human Cell
Chapter 4: The Human Microbiome and Health
Chapter 5: The Nervous System: Control of Body Function
Chapter 6: Special and General Senses: Responding to the Environment
Chapter 7: The Endocrine System: Control of Internal Functions
Chapter 8: The Digestive System
Chapter 9: Metabolism and Liver Function
Chapter 10: The Respiratory System
Chapter 11: The Renal System
Chapter 12: The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 13: The Immune System
Chapter 14: Skin and Temperature Regulation
Chapter 15: The Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 16: The Reproductive System
Chapter 17: Development through the life span

'This book covers everything that was in my first year anatomy module. The layout and text to diagram ratio is great and allows the reader to think and learn in a different way. Being dyslexic, this style of book is ideal as diagrams and sections can be colour coordinated making revising better and quicker once the book has been completed.'

Megan Johnston, Nursing Student
Edinburgh Napier University, UK

'The book equally challenged and supported my understanding of anatomy and physiology whilst making links to nursing practice. Being able to label and colour in diagrams allowed me to test my current understanding to highlight areas of improvement. The brief descriptions throughout each chapter supported the activities well and links to the anatomy and physiology book are useful to access further information. Overall, it is a great way to revise anatomy and physiology without simply writing notes or reading a textbook. It will definitely be my go to book for A&P revision, it's surprising how much can be learnt whilst colouring in.'

Russell Aris, Nursing Student
Keele University, UK

'I really like the layout of this book and how it looks at the holistic needs of the patient as well as the science related topics. As a visual learner this is a great book for working through to gain knowledge and to then reference back to.  A must have I think before undertaking a health science academic course/study.'

Sian Gibbon, Nursing Student
University of South Wales, UK

'As a 3rd year Midwifery student, I found this book very helpful for my revision of A&P. Having a short and easy to read description of the biological process for each section, assisted with ensuring that I was aware of what I was going to be working on. This also links in beautifully with the textbook and enabled me to build on what I have already been learning. I also found it very useful to have prompts in the chapters to revise sections within the main textbook. Working with the textbook is helpful but this colouring book is also great on its own. Colouring a workbook is fun and calming. I really like colouring workbooks and for someone like me, who is a hands-on and a visual learner, this sticks with me and my memory retains it much easier - what a great way to learn!'

Melissa Cohen, Midwifery Student
University of Suffolk, UK

'I think that the concept for this workbook is excellent. It promotes mastery of the topics without being too difficult. It can really work as a complement to a detailed textbook.'

Francis Geronimo
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

'I think that the colouring book is an amazing idea!'

Robyn Ambrose, 1st year Nursing Student
Bournemouth University, UK

'I think it is a great idea! Colouring and labelling hugely helps me learn and revise, but sometimes in class I don't have time but this book would save that time!'

Megan Copas, 1st year Nursing Student
Bournemouth University, UK

'I was testing myself the other day to see what I could remember from the anatomy and physiology unit last year. I think a book like this is a really good way of engaging you in testing and revising what you already know.'

Daniel Peay, 1st year Nursing Student
Bournemouth University, UK

An excellent resource for learning and as someone who struggled with learning about Anatomy and Physiology I regret not having one! There is useful supplementary information on each page and the focus on Person Centred Practice was a welcomed surprise

Ibadete Fetahu
Nursing Times

Compared to other anatomy and physiology colouring books on the market, the pictures in this one are more simplistic and easier to follow. I also really like that that colour instructions are given - this will take away the stress of having to decide what colour to use! A really valuable resource for helping nursing students to get to grips with anatomical drawings and structures, which in turn should help with cementing learning and understanding.

Mrs Zoe Veal
Faculty of Health & Social Care (Blackberry Hill), University of The West of England
July 20, 2017

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