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The SAGE Handbook of Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education

The SAGE Handbook of Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education

First Edition
Edited by:

August 2019 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
David Whitebread
Senior Editor’s Introduction: the contribution of research in developmental psychology to early childhood education
Part I: Emotional Development
Jean-Francois Bureau, Audrey-Ann Deneault, Jodi Martin & Kim Yurkowski
Chapter 1: Attachment and Parenting in the Preschool Years
Jeffrey Liew, Carlos Valiente, Maciel M. Hernández, & Dame Abrera
Chapter 2: Emotional Self-regulation and Reactivity, School-based Relationships, and School Engagement and Achievement
Zhen Rao & Jenny Gibson
Chapter 3: The Role of Pretend Play in Supporting Young Children’s Emotional Development
Kristiina Kumpulainen & Linda Theron
Chapter 4: Researching Resilience Processes in Children’s Everyday Lives During Transitioning to School: A Dialogic Approach
Lyn O’Grady, Amelia Joyce & Cate Engelbrecht
Chapter 5: Whole-of-Setting Approaches to Enhancing Factors That Support Children’s Social and Emotional Skills During Transitions
Part II: Social Development
Shauna L. Tominey, Svea G. Olsen & Craig Bailey
Chapter 6: Social and Emotional Skill Development in Early Childhood
Jane Webb-Williams
Chapter 7: How Others Shape Self
Christian Berger, Olga Cuadros & Antonius H. N. Cillessen
Chapter 8: Children’s Friendships and Social Development
Claire Hughes & Rory Devine
Chapter 9: Learning to Read Mind: A Synthesis of Social and Cognitive Perspectives
Luisa Molinari, Ada Cigala & Paola Corsano
Chapter 10: Triadic Interactions for the Development of Social and Emotional Competences
Part III: Play, Development & Learning
Justine Howard
Chapter 11: Securing the Future of Play in Early Childhood Education: Journeying with Children toward the Essence of Play to Evidence its Function and Value
Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur & Maryam Dalkilic
Chapter 12: Playing at, Participating in, and Transforming Cultures: A Vygotskian Perspective on the Potential of Early Childhoods
Emily J. Hopkins, Tamara Spiewak Toub, Brenna Hassinger-Das, Roberta M. Golinkoff & Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
Chapter 13: Playing for the Future: Redefining Early Childhood Education
Pernille Hviid
Chapter 14: Educational Play-Supervision – Playing and Promoting Children’s Development of Meaning
Susan Edwards, Susan Greishaber, Joce Nuttall & Elizabeth Wood
Chapter 15: New Play: A Pedagogical Movement for Early Childhood Education
Part IV: Memory and Understanding
Catherine A. Haden, Maria Marcus & Pirko Tõugu
Chapter 16: Developing Skills for Remembering in Early Childhood
David Whitebread & James Adams
Chapter 17: How Children Learn: Implications for Early Childhood Education
Sonia White
Chapter 18: Number Concept Development in Early Childhood
Keith Taber
Chapter 19: Exploring, Imagining, Sharing: Early Development and Education in Science
Paula Luengo, Federica Zava & Consuelo Huerta
Chapter 20: Conceptual Development of Prosocial Behaviors across Childhood: The Role of Moral Cognitions and Moral Emotions
Part V: Learning, Language and Literacy
Karen Strasser
Chapter 21: Contexts for the Development of Language and Literacy in Latin America
Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen
Chapter 22: Early Language and Literacy Development in the Finnish Context
Frederick J. Morrison, Carol M. Connor, Adrienne Woods & Rebecca Marks
Chapter 23: Language and Literacy in the USA
Julie Dockrell
Chapter 24: Language Learning Challenges in the Early Years
Libby Lee-Hammond & Sandra Hesterman
Chapter 25: Approaches to Early Literacy Development from a Multiliteracies Standpoint: A Case Study of Aboriginal Supported Playgroups
Part VI: Executive Functions, Metacognition and Self-Regulation
Megan M. McClelland, Claire E. Cameron & Jessica Alonso
Chapter 26: The Development of Self-Regulation in Young Children
Deborah Pino-Pasternak, Debora Valcan & Anabela Malpique
Chapter 27: Concurrent and Longitudinal Associations between Parenting, the Home Environment and Student Self-Regulation in Early Childhood
Anastasia Efklides & Plousia Misalidi
Chapter 28: Emotional Self-Regulation in the Early Years: The Role of Cognition, Metacognition and Social Interaction
Nancy E. Perry, Simon Lisaingo & Laurie Ford
Chapter 29: Understanding the Role of Motivation in Children’s Self-Regulation for Learning
Valeska Grau & David Preiss
Chapter 30: Supporting Young Children’s Self-Regulation Development
David Whitebread, Marisol Basilio, Lisha O’Sullivan & Antonia Zachariou
Conclusion: The Importance of Play, Oral Language and Self-Regulation in Children’s Development and Learning; Implications for Quality in Early Childhood Education

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