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The SAGE Handbook of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

The SAGE Handbook of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

First Edition
Edited by:

January 2018 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Small Business and Entrepreneurship offers state-of-the-art chapters on all aspects of this rapidly-evolving discipline. Original contributions from the best international scholars map the development of Entrepreneurship as an academic field, explore its key current debates and research methods, and also consider its future directions.

  • Part One: The People and the Entrepreneurial Processes
  • Part Two: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Organization
  • Part Three: Entrepreneurial Milieu
  • Part Four: Researching Small Business Entrepreneurship

This handbook will be the leading reference book for Entrepreneurship academics and researchers, as well as those from other associated disciplines including business and management, psychology, marketing, sociology and anthropology.

Robert Blackburn, Dirk De Clercq and Jarna Heinonen
1. Introduction
The People and the Entrepreneurial Processes
Claire M. Leitch and Richard T. Harrison
2. Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Critical Review and Research Agenda
Hamid Vahidnia, H. Shawna Chen, J. Robert Mitchell and Ronald K. Mitchell
3. Entrepreneurial Action Research: Moving Beyond Fixed Conceptualizations
Kristina Nyström
4. Pre- and post-entrepreneurship Labor Mobility of Entrepreneurs and Employees in Entrepreneurial Firms
Maura McAdam and Danny Soetanto
5. Networks and Entrepreneurship
Stephen Drinkwater
6. Migrant Entrepreneurship
Judith van Helvert and Mattias Nordqvist
7. Entrepreneurship from a Family Business Perspective
Helen Haugh, Fergus Lyon and Bob Doherty
8. Social Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship and Social Value Creation
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and Organization
Christian Lechner and Abeer Pervaiz
9. Entrepreneurial Strategy: A contingency review and outlook for future research
Fokko J. Eller and Michael M. Gielnik
10. Perspectives on New Venture Creation
Ivan Zupic and Alessandro Giudici
11. New Venture Growth: Current Findings and Future Challenges
Samuel Adomako and Kevin F. Mole
12. Small Business Growth and Performance: A Review of Literature
Michael H. Morris, Susana Santos, Christopher Pryor and Xaver Neumeyer
13. The Nature of Entrepreneurial Exit
Bjørn Willy Åmo and Lars Kolvereid
14. Corporate Entrepreneurship
Mark Freel
15. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business
Rosalind Jones, Sussie C. Morrish, Jonathan Deacon and Morgan P. Miles
16. Entrepreneurial Marketing In Small Enterprises: Current And Emerging Research Topics
Colin Mason
17. Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures
Marc Cowling and Catherine Matthews
18. Internal Financial Management in Smaller, Entrepreneurial Businesses
Entrepreneurial Milieu
Anders Hoffmann David J Storey
19. Can Governments Promote Gazelles? Evidence from Denmark
John Kitching
20. Exploring Firm-Level Effects of Regulation: Going Beyond Survey Approaches
Erik Stam and Ben Spigel
21. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Zhongming Wang and Yanhai Zhao
22. Corporate Social Responsibility
Niina Nummela
23. Bringing ’I’ into ’E’—what could it mean? Reflections on the past, present and future of International Entrepreneurship research
Wafa N. Almobaireek, Ahmed Alshumaimeri and Tatiana S. Manolova
24. Challenges to Venture Growth in Emerging Economies
Luke Pittaway, Louisa Huxtable and Paul Hannon
25. Learning and Educational Programs for Entrepreneurs
Thomas M. Cooney
26. The Use of Case Studies in Entrepreneurship Education
Ulla Hytti and Sirpa Koskinen
27. Enterprise education pedagogy and redesigning learning outcomes: Case of a public reform school
Researching Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Aaron F McKenny, Miles A Zachary, Jeremy C Short and David J Ketchen Jnr
28. In Search of Causality in Entrepreneurship Research: Quantitative Methods in Corporate Entrepreneurship
Anne Kovalainen
29. Qualitative Research in Entrepreneurship
Cristina Díaz-García
30. Gender and entrepreneurship at the crossroads: Where do you want to go?
Bengt Johannisson
31. Making Entrepreneurship Research Matter: The Challenging Journey to An Academic Identity
Seppo Poutanen
32. Critical Perspectives in Entrepreneurship Research

The past decade has witnessed a significant growth of entrepreneurship and small business research, but also an increased fragmentation of the field. The editors, Robert Blackburn, Dirk De Clercq and Jarna Heinonen, have provided a timely overview of the field, including the entrepreneurial process and business development, the entrepreneurial milieu, and research methodologies. The book will be a goldmine, for those searching the knowledge within the field but also for those searching provocative research questions for the future. Therefore, this is a perfect text for researchers, PhD candidates, and advanced master students in entrepreneurship, small businesses, and management studies.

Hans Landström
PhD, Professor in Entrepreneurship, Lund University

This is an excellent book. It provides a rich and nuanced overview of past research in small business and entrepreneurship and presents interesting avenues for future research. The editors have done a superb job in assembling such knowledgeable contributors. A must read for postgraduate students, researchers and those interested in fostering small business and entrepreneurs alike. 

Friederike Welter
Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn, and University of Siegen, Germany

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