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The Teacher’s Journey

The Teacher’s Journey
The Human Dimensions

November 2012 | 184 pages | Corwin

Make every day of your teaching count!

How many times have you wished your teaching degree came with a handbook? Whether you're a new teacher or a veteran looking for inspiring new ideas and insight, best-selling authors Jeffery and Ellen Kottler have crafted a guidebook to help you navigate the milestones, challenges, and decisions that every educator faces.

Packed with stories, strategies, and activities, The Teacher's Journey is all about building meaningful, collaborative relationships with your students and colleagues while nurturing your own passion and commitment to teaching. You'll discover how to:

  • Motivate disengaged students through solid interpersonal connections
  • Communicate effectively with parents, counselors, and administrators
  • Advance your professional growth through increased school and district involvement
  • Understand your teaching self more deeply through reflection 
  • Build a culture of tolerance and respect in the classroom

Although your contact with a student may be as brief as a single year, the impact can be felt across a lifetime. Here's a book to help make that possible!

About the Authors
Chapter 1. The Journey of a Teacher: Rewards, Challenges, and Phases
Chapter 2. Human Dimensions of Teaching
Chapter 3. Obstacles and Enhancements to Learning
Chapter 4. Helping Relationships
Chapter 5. Mentoring and Being Mentored
Chapter 6. Working Within Student Cultures
Chapter 7. Students Who Drive You Crazy
Chapter 8. Stress in a Teacher’s Life
Chapter 9. Self Care: Avoiding Burnout and Rustout
Chapter 10. Reflective Practice
Chapter 11. Being Passionately Committed

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: The Journey of a Teacher

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