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Training and Supervision for Counselling in Action

Training and Supervision for Counselling in Action

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May 1991 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This accessible book explores the issues involved in both the training and supervision of counsellors and in the preparation of those who are to undertake supervisory and training roles. The number of training courses is growing and counsellors must undergo supervision if they are to be accredited by professional bodies. In this volume, leading trainers and supervisors from different counselling traditions discuss the responsibilities and the professional and practical issues involved, and a trainee and supervisee give an insider's view of what it feels like to be in these positions. The closing chapter deals with the important issue of training for counsellor trainers and supervisors.

Brian Thorne and Windy Dryden
Key Issues in the Training of Counsellors
Windy Dryden and Brian Thorne
Approaches to the Training of Counsellors
Campbell Purton
Selection and Assessment in Counsellor Training Courses
Brigid Proctor
On Being a Trainer
Rose Battye
On Being a Trainee
Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot
The Key Issue in the Supervision of Counsellors
The Supervisory Relationship

Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet
Approaches to the Supervision of Counsellors
Dave Mearns
On Being a Supervisor
Judy Moore
On Being a Supervisee
Petruska Clarkson and Maria Gilbert
The Training of Counsellor Trainers and Supervisors
BAC Code of Ethics and Practice for Trainers; BAC Code of Ethics and Practice for the Supervision of Counsellors


`an excellent compilation... The value of this volume lies in its attempt to raise the questions that need to be asked when training or supervision is being set up: questions as diverse as `How shall we select our students?' and `In what way does the structure of this training course or supervision embody the ideas and ideals that the training or supervision seeks to instil?' Given the explosion in the demand for both counselling and supervision, this book should be required reading for all those putting a toe in these complex waters. However, I think it is also a salutary guide for those already practised as trainers and supervisors. I found the issues raised stimulated me to think again about my own practice and to profit from that exercise' - Counselling, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling

`Training and supervision are two very important issues for the Samaritans and it behoves us to listen to what other professionals in the field are thinking and to note their good practice. This addition to the Counselling in Action series contains much to interest and inspire the Samaritan trainer, not least that, to be effective, teachers must continue to learn' - The Samaritan

`This book sets out to explore the training and supervision of counsellors, to offer examples of good practice and to act as a guide and resource to trainers, counsellors and supervisors... it has achieved its aims in a most satisfying way, offering much practical wisdom and guidance in a highly readable and well-organized form' - British Journal of Medical Psychology

`As promised on the cover, this is indeed `a clear and accessible book'; accessible even to someone like myself who comes from a different theoretical background... the book is well structured and very readable (with) its practical and lively style... The `how to do it' chapters are detailed and clear, with many examples drawn from real life situations, and are likely to provide an invaluable guide to anyone involved in the training and supervision of counsellors. The `what is it like' chapters give very personal accounts of the writers' sometimes harrowing experiences, but ones which many readers have probably encountered too' - International Review of Psychiatry

`this is an interesting compilation of the views of leading figures in the world of British counselling regarding training and supervision... the book has a number of interesting ideas which are directly relevant to the training of clinical psychologists and the supervision they should both be requesting and be required to have. It also asks some important questions about the purpose and direction of our own profession' - Clinical Psychology Forum

`Important issues are raised, plus I enjoyed the sections giving the personal experiences of being a supervisor or trainer, and those of people on the receiving end, trainees and supervisees. Important reading for anyone contemplating or already involved in training and supervision' - Changes Bookshop News

`the book has a unique value that lies in the contributors' very personal and unguarded portrayal of the slow, arduous journey to becoming a therapist, supervisor or trainer... an openness and humility characterize this book... By writing in the first person, the authors are able to present the processes of supervision and training experientially and phenomenologically, thus allowing the reader to feel deeply rooted in their various perspectives. The editors have nicely balanced the highly personal, experiental chapters with more traditional didactic material... the writing is clear and engaging. This book should have broad appeal. Obviously it will be helpful and interesting for beginning supervisors and trainers, many of whom have received no specific instruction in these areas before being asked to assume the roles. It could also benefit more experienced supervisors and trainers who want to expand their understanding and their repertoire of approaches and skills. However, it should also appeal to those who use supervision, whether they are beginning trainees or established professionals; it can provide them with the broad knowledge of approaches that will help them select and contract for the supervision or training that best suits their needs' - Contemporary Psychology

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