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Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education

Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education

First Edition
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June 2017 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
All teachers are responsible for assessing the children they teach and the outcomes of any assessment are important for individual learners and the wider school.

Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education
 is the one-stop-shop for understanding assessment in schools. It covers formative and summative approaches used across primary and secondary education, supporting a balanced overview with policy examples drawn from the UK, Ireland, and wider international contexts.

Designed as a pragmatic handbook for new teachers and those training to teach, the book discusses key principles of assessment, before providing guidance on developing and carrying out assessment in the classroom, and looking at how assessment information can be used to benefit your teaching and the children you teach.

Ch1: Assessment in education: Learning contexts and professional standards
Ch2: Validity, reliability and fairness
Ch3: Understanding assessment of learning: Purposes, impacts and challenges
Ch4: Understanding assessment for learning: Purposes, impacts and challenges
Ch5: Implementing assessment for learning: Techniques and illustrations for classroom use
Ch6: Designing and implementing summative written assessments for classroom use
Ch7: Performance-based assessment
Ch8: Interpreting and using scores from standardised tests and examinations
Ch9: Record-keeping, feedback and reporting from classroom assessment
Ch10: Differentiating assessment to accommodate learners’ needs
Ch11: Assessment planning and policy at class, school and system levels
Ch12: Conclusions about assessment in education

Damien Murchan and Gerry Shiel have provided an invaluable resource for both qualified and student teachers. The authors have written a text which drills down under the surface of practice facilitating the understanding of the fundamental underpinning theoretical constructs of assessment. Supported by case studies, thought-provoking questions and supplemental material on the accompanying website, this volume will contribute to a more informed professional body and more effective practice in the classroom.

Mhairi Beaton
University of Aberdeen

Damian Murchan and Gerry Shiel have written a brilliantly organised, practical and in-depth book on all the key aspects of assessment that teachers are likely to encounter throughout their professional careers. While the book and its companion website will demand reflection and active engagement, readers can expect to be richly rewarded in terms of gaining a more sophisticated understanding of how assessment can be used to enhance teaching and learning in every classroom.

Michael O'Leary
Dublin City University

Really useful reference book which matches the content of the module very closely. This book on assessment enables students to access the different modes of assessment and apply them to their own educational context. Highly recommended

Mrs Gabrielle Morley
School of Education, University Centre Blackburn
December 15, 2020

Presents clearly the role of assessment to support learning and how assessment should be applied to support learning.

Mrs Mary Stephen
School of Education, University of Aberdeen
July 24, 2017

Links well to course content

Mrs Terrie Blaszczyk
Froebel College, Roehampton University
August 31, 2017

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