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Understanding Conflict Resolution

Understanding Conflict Resolution

Fifth Edition
  • Peter Wallensteen - Senior Professor, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden, Uppsala University, University of Notre Dame, US
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December 2018 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Understanding Conflict Resolution is a comprehensive introduction to the study of peace and conflict studies. It explores both the historical roots of the study of conflict management, as well as the contemporary settings and the tools available to states, regional and global organizations where these core ideas apply. Drawing on cutting-edge research and examples from around the world, the fifth edition includes:
  • Three new chapters on the key threats and hopes emerging post-2010: one-sided violence, including genocide and terrorism;gendering international affairs; and climate challenges stemming from global warming and the danger of nuclear war
  • Brand new case studies focusing on contemporary events and issues: ISIS; Brexit; Nuclear Arms Race; Refugees as a weapon of war.
  • Learning features such as graphs, data sets, a glossary, annotated further reading lists, and access to a companion website full of online resources.

This is an essential text for all students, lecturers and researchers of peace and conflict resolution in international relations, global politics and political science. 

1 Understanding Conflict Resolution
2 Armed Conflicts and Peace Agreements
3 Approaching Conflict Resolution
4 Analysing Conflict Resolution
5 The Resolution of Conflicts between States
6 Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars
7 Conflict Resolution in State Formation Conflicts
8 Conflict Complexes and Conflict Resolution
9 International Organizations in Conflict Resolution
10 Coercion and Enforcement
11 Prevention and Peacebuilding
12. Dealing with One-sided Violence
13. Gendering International Affairs
14. Facing Climate Challenges
15. Quality Peace and World Order

This book shows the possibilities to solve conflicts within and between states in ways that are both academically qualified and useful for practice in diplomacy and mediation. It also convincingly demonstrates the potential for international organizations in peace making.

Jan Eliasson, Ambassador, former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Secretary General of the UN 2012-2016.


Jan Eliasson

This Fifth Edition of Understanding Conflict Resolution  continues to analyse how to understand, manage and transform violent conflict non violently in the 21st century. In addition to its excellent diagnostic tools  it has a completely new section  on  climate change and conflict. This chapter focuses particular attention on nuclear winter and the probable impacts of unchecked climate change on conflict dynamics. Understanding Conflict Resolution will continue to be a leading text in the field for many years to come,


Professor Kevin P Clements,

Director, Toda Peace Institute, Tokyo, Japan,

Chair and Foundation Director, The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand

Professor Kevin P Clements

In this new edition, Peter Wallensteen has updated his powerful argument that pairing applicable norms with appropriate techniques yields optimal results in conflict resolution. It is an argument every student, scholar, and person concerned with peace should know and engage. 

Mary Ellen O’Connell, Robert and Marion Short Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame

Mary Ellen O'Connell
University of Notre Dame

Peter Wallensteen's book is a 'must read' if we want to understand conflict resolution from a scientific view. It covers the basic theories, empirical evidence and practical approaches to conflict resolutions for internal and inter-national conflicts. Wallensteen presents a comprehensive approach, which is interesting for education and research in many disciplines. In times of so many international conflicts, read and teach Wallensteen! Andreas Zick, Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence, Bielefeld University

Professor Andreas Zick
Interdiscipline, Universität Bielefeld
January 27, 2019

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