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Understanding Sociology in Nursing

Understanding Sociology in Nursing

First Edition

April 2016 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Provides students with insights into key contemporary debates and events to demonstrate the relevance of sociology and its practical application to modern nursing. This textbook helps student nurses make the leap from a narrow focus on the physical problems of their patients to a broader understanding of the whole person and the contexts of care which will help them succeed as compassionate nurses. Written directly for nurses, it focuses on the individuals and families in their care, the organisations they work in, and the factors which affect their practice.

Key features include:

  • Case studies and scenarios to help students relate sociology to real-life examples
  • Reflection points to help students critically engage with the discussion
  • Learning outcomes and chapter summaries for revision
  • Definitions of key terms in each chapter

Chapter 1: Becoming a Patient
Chapter 2: Who Is the Patient?
Chapter 3: Becoming a Nurse
Chapter 4: Nursing as Women’s Work
Chapter 5: Caring, Facework and Nursing
Chapter 6: Nursing the Body
Chapter 7: When Things Go Wrong
Chapter 8: Leadership and Management
Chapter 9: Using a Sociological Framework to Understand Nursing

‘This is a very useful addition to existing resources –I hope it becomes a core addition to nursing reading lists everywhere.’

Dr Aled Jones
Cardiff University

'This is an excellent sociology textbook that I will be recommending to my students. It is interesting, relevant and easy to read particularly good for the student who a) has not studied sociology at A Level and b) the student who fails to see the relevance of sociology to nursing.'

Mike Parker, Lecturer in Acute & Critical Care Nursing
University of York

'Written by eminent researchers in the field “Understanding Sociology in Nursing” provides a unique and contemporary nursing perspective of sociology. The book is practice focused and supported by theory, making the text highly accessible for nursing students to understand why sociology is relevant and important to them. Highly recommended for undergraduate nursing.'

Pam Page
Anglia Ruskin University

'Nursing is a crucial social activity. This fascinating book sociologically analyses the key issues of practice across the spectrum of care; the role and meaning of nursing, being a patient, the caring role, the body, overall management, macro theory and when things go wrong. It is brilliantly written; accessible, intelligent and moving.'


David Ring
Middlesex University

'Understanding Sociology in Nursing will become a key text for both undergraduate and postgraduate students due to it’s comprehensive overview of the field. However, what excites me most is that my undergraduate students will be introduced to key influential authors such as Goffman in reading this book. I have ordered copies for my university library!'

David Clark
Cardiff University

'Understanding Sociology of Nursing examines contemporary nursing from a critical perspective in an interesting and accessible style that encourages a reflective and questioning approach. The discussions of research and care investigations are thought provoking and will extend perspectives about nursing as a profession today.'

Lesley Baillie
London South Bank University, UK

Very useful for teaching BSc nursing students

Miss Carmel Anne Quigley
School of Nursing (Jordanstown), Ulster University
July 20, 2020

This is an excellent sociology textbook that will be of significant use to students on the BSc Nursing Programme - this book will also provide a useful resource for students on a post-grad course for students who are new to sociology.

A very well written book, 5*

Mike Parker
Dept of Health Sciences, York University
July 1, 2016

Excellent, intelligent contextualising of nursing.
Recommended for any student and registered nurses interested in the sociological element of nursing.

Mr David Ring
School of Health and Education, Middlesex University
June 7, 2016

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