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Upper Elementary Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice

Upper Elementary Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice

Foreword by Julia M. Aguirre, Brian R. Lawler, Series Editor

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August 2022 | 304 pages | Corwin

“A very compelling set of fresh ideas are offered that prepare educators to turn the corner on advocating for social justice in the mathematics classroom. Each book is full of engaging activities, frameworks and standards that centers instruction on community, worldview, and the developmental needs of all students, a must needed resource to reboot our commitment to the next generation.”

Linda M. Fulmore
TODOS: Mathematics For ALL
Cave Creek, AZ

Empower students to be the change—join the teaching mathematics for social justice movement!

We live in an era in which students of all ages have—through media and their lived experiences— a more visceral experience of social injustices. However, when people think of social justice, mathematics rarely comes to mind. With a teacher-friendly design, this book brings upper elementary mathematics content to life by connecting it to student curiosity, empathy, and issues students see or experience.

Tested in Grades 3-5 classrooms, the model lessons in this book walk teachers through the process of applying critical frameworks to instruction, using standards-based mathematics to explore, understand, and respond to social justice issues. Learn to plan instruction that engages students in mathematics explorations through age-appropriate, culturally relevant topics, such as valuing differences, health and pay inequality, bullying, voting rights, and environmental justice. Features include:

  • Content cross-referenced by mathematical concept and social issues
  • Connection to Learning for Justice’s social justice standards
  • Downloadable instructional materials and lesson resources
  • Guidance for lessons driven by students’ unique passions and challenges
  • Connections between research and practice

Written for teachers committed to developing equitable and just practices through the lens of mathematics content and practice standards as well as social justice standards, this book will help connect content to students’ daily lives, fortify their mathematical understanding, and expose them to issues that will support them in becoming active citizens and leaders.

Lesson 5.1 Families Matter
Lesson 5.2 Playground Prejudice
Lesson 5.3 Who Appears in Billboards?
Lesson 5.4 Family Story Problems
Lesson 5.5 Exploring Maskmatics! Socio-cultural and Environmental Concerns in Disposable Masks during COVID-19
Lesson 5.6 Challenging Ableist Assumptions in Math Problems
Lesson 6.1 Tu Lucha es mi Lucha: Mathematics for Movement Building
Lesson 6.2 Exploring Equitable Pay for Work
Lesson 6.3 Modeling Library Funding
Lesson 6.4 Value of a School Lunch
Lesson 6.5 More Than an Athlete
Lesson 6.6 Your Action Saves Lives: COVID-19 and Systems Thinking
Lesson 7.1 Water is Our Right, Water is Our Responsibility
Lesson 7.2 Upper Elementary Math to Explore People Represented in Our World and Community
Lesson 7.3 Single Use Plastics

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