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Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime

Third Edition

March 2007 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Third Edition of this widely used and respected book has been thoroughly revised and updated to offer the most current research, thinking, and best practices regarding crime victims and crime victim services. Using an engaging and comprehensible format, editors Robert C. Davis, Arthur J. Lurigio, and Susan Herman provide a synopsis of the contemporary literature and debates on significant topics in the field of criminal victimization.

New to the Third Edition:
  • Utilizes the latest research and studies in the areas of violence, abuse, and victims' rights: While the chapter titles may appear similar, all feature new contributors in this edition and many new key areas with associated research are addressed. Included among the new topics covered are elder abuse, school-based violence, victims of homicide, victims of terrorist acts, the role of first responders, and the roles of various people on victim support.
  • Focuses on the emerging issues and policies in the fields of victim rights and crime prevention: New contributors, all preeminent experts in their fields, update original concepts to bring forward current trends, recent research, along with policy changes in victimization crimes and victim services.
  • Makes material more accessible to the non-technical reader: Written jargon-free, chapters are now introduced with vignettes, which provide individual case studies to motivate the material to follow. In addition, the text includes topical subjects to enhance student interest by tying it into current events.

Intended Audience:
This is an ideal core textbook for victims of crime and general victims courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also an excellent resource for researchers, practitioners, victims' rights advocates, and those who deal with victims in the fields of Law, Social Work, Counseling, and Criminal Justice.

Marlene Young, Susan Herman, Robert C. Davis, & Arthur J. Lurigio
Chapter 1: Introduction to Victims of Crime: The Interaction of Research and Practice
Crime and Its Impact
David Finkelhor
Chapter 2: Developmental Victimology: The Comprehensive Study of Childhood Victimizations
Chris O’Sullivan & Deborah Fry
Chapter 3: Sexual Assault Victimization across the Lifespan Rates, Consequences, and Interventions for Different Populations
Eve Buzawa
Chapter 4: Victims of Domestic Violence
Pat Tjaden
Chapter 5: Stalking in America: Laws, Research, and Recommendations
Jack McDevitt, Amy Farrell, Danielle Rousseau, & Russell Wolff
Chapter 6: Hate Crimes: Characteristics of Incidents, Victims, and Offenders
Martie Thompson
Chapter 7: Homicide Survivors: A Summary of the Research
Deborah Deem, Lisa Nerenberg, & Richard Titus
Chapter 8: Victims of Financial Crime
Charles DiMaggio & Sandro Galea
Chapter 9: The Mental Health and Behavioral Consequences of Terrorism
Candace Heisler
Chapter 10: Elder Abuse
Jessica Snowden & Arthur J. Lurigio
Chapter 11: The Mentally Ill as Victims of Crime
Nan Stein
Chaper 12: Gender-Based Violence in Schools
Leah E. Daigle, Bonnie S. Fisher, & Pamela Guthrie
Chapter 13: The Reoccurrence of Victimization: What Researchers Know About Its Terminology, Characteristics, Causes, and Prevention
Anna Alvazzi del Frate
Chapter 14: Victimization: An International Perspective
Responses to Victims
Albert Roberts & Diane Green
Chapter 15: Crisis Intervention With Victims Of Violent Crimes
Robert C. Davis
Chapter 16: The Key Contributions of Family, Friends, and Neighbors
Edna Erez & Julian Roberts
Chapter 17: Victim Participation in the Criminal Justice System
Susan Howley & Carol Dorris
Chapter 18: Legal Rights For Crime Victims In The Criminal Justice System
Jeffrey Walsh & Bernadette T. Muscat
Chapter 19: Reaching Underserved Victim Populations: Special Challenges Relating to Homeless Victims, Rural Populations, Ethnic/Racial/Sexual Minorities and Victims with Disabilities
Robert C. Davis
The Key Contributions of Family, Friends, and Neighbors
Edna Erez
Victims in the Criminal Justice System
Howley, Howley
Victims Rights: Legislative and Constitutional Reform
David Finkelhor, David Finkelhor
Child Abuse and Neglect
Candace Heisler, Candace Heisler
Elder Abuse
Nan Stein, Nan Stein
School-Based Violence
Chris O'Sullivan, Chris O'Sullivan
Sexual Violence
Eve Buzawa, Eve Buzawa
Intimate Partner Violence
Pat Tjaden, Pat Tjaden
Jack McDevitt, Jack McDevitt
Hate Crime
Jeffrey Walsh
Reaching Underserved Populations: Special Challenges Relating to Ethnic/Racial/Sexual Minorities, Victims with Disabilities, and Rural Populations
Susan Herman
Redefining Justice: Restorative Justice, Parallel Justice, and Monetary Compensation
Marlene Young, Marlene Young
Conclusion: Emerging Issues and Policy Directions
Martie Thompson
Survivors of Homicide
Richard Titus
White Collar Crime
Sandro Galea
Victims of Terrorist Acts
Anna Alvazzi del Frate
Victimization Around the World
Karen Amendola
The Role of First Responders
Robert C. Davis, Arthur Lurigio, Susan Herman, Robert C. Davis, Arthur Lurigio, Susan Herman
Introduction: Trends in Victimization and Victim Services
Albert Roberts
Crisis Intervention, Counseling, and other Support Services

Excellent book.

Sanjay Marwah
Justice Policy Studies Dept, Guilford College
August 13, 2012

Seems to offer a systematic approach that I believe the students will enjoy.

Rosemary Arway
Criminal Justice, Hodges University - Fort Myers
November 16, 2010

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