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Wellbeing from Birth

Wellbeing from Birth

February 2010 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What do we mean by wellbeing, and what does it look like as it takes shape in early childhood? What can we do to support the wellbeing of children at home and in settings?

This book provides some answers to these complex questions, in a straightforward, accessible way. Parts 1 and 2 offer students and practitioners a strong theoretical framework within which to explore ways of developing and extending their work with children and families, and with each other, including guidance on observation and assessment for planning. Part 3 provides practical strategies based on work involving families from a range of ethnic backgrounds, children's centre staff, local authority advisers, childminders, additional needs teachers and health visitors. Linking with the Early Years Foundation Stage, the book examines developing the key person approach, the power of play and making the most of everyday experiences. Part 4 discusses wellbeing for parents and practitioners, and collective wellbeing in settings and communities.

Essential reading for anyone studying early childhood, and for managers and practitioners working with young children and their families, this book is an inspirational guide to developing a framework for wellbeing from birth.

Early Childhood Matters
Wellbeing Themes
The ABC Of Wellbeing
Companionable Learning
Children's Wellbeing
All to Play for
Observation, Assessment and Planning
Being Key Companions
When Things Go Wrong
Wellbeing and Integration

'This inspirational book is a refreshing read and an essential source of knowledge and understanding for managers, early years practitioners, students, and anyone living and working with young children and their families. I have no doubt it will make a positive contribution to the ongoing debates about the future wellbeing of our children and society as a whole' -
Children and Young People Now

'[This book] is thoroughly recommended for everyone working with, or training to work with, young children and their families. It is a book that will be read and dipped in to again and again as practitioners draw on the author's wealth of practical experience and theoretical understanding'
- Early Years Update

'[This book] is widely regarded as essential reading for anyone studying early childhood, and is an inspirational guide to developing a framework for wellbeing from birth...A thoughtful and thought provoking book' -
Special Educational Needs Magazine

'This important book is immaculate in form and fascinating and convincing in content. Setting out to increase the knowledge of all adults who have anything to do with young children, it is a thoroughly comprehensive and detailed account of the theory and practice of 'wellbeing', encompassing children from birth; their parents, particularly mothers; and professionals who work with children and parents. Constantly emphasising the need for positive thinking, the author is genuinely sympathetic to the position of early years workers, and offers a wide range of help with wonderful examples from real life in homes and in settings. The book might become a 'do-it-yourself' wellbeing kit for each centre of early childhood' -
Chris Athey, author of 'Extending Thought in Young Children: a Parent-Teacher Partnership'

'highly recommended reading for all candidates on the Early Years Professional Status courses. An invaluable book for a new approach to understanding children in the early years' - Lalitha Sivalingam, Kingston University

A nice break down of the whole child and all the areas of wellbeing and how they can be supported in a variety of ways from planning for wellbeing to the policies that direct our communities that a child grows up in.

Mrs Dawn Burnham
Early Years, Farnborough College of Technology
May 22, 2018

Again we have recommended this publication on the reading lists to support our FdEY students to further develop an understanding of theory and practice.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care and Early Years, Swindon College
February 15, 2017

Very informative readable text with key concepts/issues covered. Essential reading for students studying aspects of child wellbeing and development from birth.

Mrs Laura Ashton-Goldthorpe
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University
April 28, 2016

This was recommended to me by my supervisor and it didn't disappoint, a thorough and accessible text.

Ms Caroline Brooks
Learning and Teaching Institute, Sheffield Hallam University
January 5, 2016

This publication supports student's understanding of theory and practice of well-being to further develop their skills in supporting children in their care. Recommended for the Foundation Degree students for Early Years Education.

Miss Tracey Canham
Health Care And Early Years, Swindon College
September 7, 2015

A great introduction to the wellbeing of young children, which provides a clear insight into all of the key areas

June 12, 2015

An excellent book for anyone that delivers a course on wellbeing and healthy eating. This gives a break down of all areas.

Mrs Kerry Clayton
Childcare, The Maltings College
May 21, 2015

A very useful text that includes a theoretical perspective and a practical one. A topic that is complex has been explored well.

Miss Alyson Lewis
Newport School of Education, University of Wales, Newport
March 21, 2014

A useful text for students

Sally Payne
Children Young People and Education, University Campus Suffolk
March 20, 2014

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