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White-Collar Crime

White-Collar Crime
A Systems Approach

Third Edition

July 2021 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

White Collar Crime third edition is a comprehensive introduction to the most important topics students need to know about white-collar crime. Taking a systems approach that examines the many facets of white-collar crime by focusing on different crimes as well as the various systems that are given the task of responding to white-collar misconduct, Brian K. Payne provides a theoretical framework and context for students to explore white-collar crime as a crime problem, a criminal justice problem, and a social problem. This fully updated edition includes an exciting new chapter on political crime that highlights the recent debates about the connections between crime and politics.


Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview of White-Collar Crime: A Systems Perspective
Chapter 2. Understanding White-Collar Crime: Definitions, Extent, and Consequences
Chapter 3. Crimes in Sales-Related Occupations: A Systems Perspective
Chapter 4. Crimes in the Health Care System
Chapter 5. Crime in Systems of Social Control: White-Collar Crime in Criminal Justice, Military, and Religious Systems
Chapter 6. Crime in the Political System
Chapter 7. Crimes in the Educational System
Chapter 8. Crime in the Economic System
Chapter 9. Crime in the Cyber System
Chapter 10. Crimes by the Corporate System
Chapter 11. Environmental Crime
Chapter 12. Explaining White-Collar Crime
Chapter 13. Policing White-Collar Crime
Chapter 14. Judicial Proceedings and White-Collar Crime
Chapter 15. The Corrections Subsystem and White-Collar Crime
Key features
New to This Edition

- A new chapter on crime in the political system was added that highlights the recent debates about the connections between crime and politics

·         New research and cases are included throughout wit more than 300 new references. 

·         Sections on “Streaming White-Collar Crime” were added to each chapter. These boxes highlight television shows, movies, and documentaries related to white-collar crime and include questions students should consider as they expand their understanding about the topic.
An expanded focus on biosocial, gender, and life-course explanations for white-collar crime

- Timely topics have been added throughout such as, the legalization of marijuana and white-collar crime, telemedicine fraud, and the impact of technology on crimes in the economic system

- Recent event, including the Volkswagen emissions scandal; the Wells Fargo deceptive sales case; the Fyre Festival fraud and the focus on college-age victims;  the Mueller investigation, impeachment, and crimes connected to Donald Trump; and the Operation Varsity Blues investigation involving the efforts of rich parents to get their children fraudulently admitted to elite colleges are put into context

Key Features
  • “Key Points” featured throughout the text ensure students stay focused on the most important information.
  • “In Focus” boxes in each chapter bring concepts to life by helping students contextualize what they are learning.
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter allow for further examination and critical thinking inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Photos throughout the text illustrate issues from the narrative to give students a better understanding and appreciation for the different types of white-collar crime as well as the consequences of these offenses.

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ISBN: 9781071833902