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Wordcraft: Applied Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA):

Wordcraft: Applied Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA):
Tools for Public and Voluntary Social Services

November 2009 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

A pragmatic guide to performing meaningful qualitative analysis

This text helps students and social service personnel better evaluate agency programs using the various qualitative documents (such as case intake forms and case progress notes) already at their disposal. Author Vincent E. Faherty shows readers not just what to do with qualitative data, but also how they should interpret the meanings. This text begins by examining the requisite knowledge and skills needed to design and execute a comprehensive research or evaluation report based using qualitative data. It then offers guidance on writing up the final report and disseminating the results to the wider community.

Key Features

  • The Qualitative Data Analysis Model, a non-computer based method of data analysis, takes readers through the research process in order to gain a complete picture of the agency's performance
  • Case examples of published journal articles from SAGE contain margin notes and introductory and conclusive remarks
  • The author applies the conceptual material to pragmatic, agency-based situations that would be relevant for a broad range of human service professions and disciplines.

Anyone in a managerial role with a community-based social agency—as well as social work undergraduate and graduate students—will benefit from this straightforward guide.

Introduction to Part I
Ch 1. Welcome to the "Terminological Jungle" With Figures
Ch 2. Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Ethics in Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) With Figures
Ch 3. Qualitative Data Analysis: By Computer or by Hand? With Figures
Ch 4. A Written Model of QDA, With Figures
Ch 5. Applying the QDA Model: Coding, Memoing, Concept Mapping, and Theme Development, With Figures
Ch 6. Case Illustrations: Intensive Interviewing
Ch 7. Case Illustrations: Participant Observation
Ch 8. Case Illustrations: Focus Groups
Ch 9. Case Illustrations: Mixed Strategies of Data Collection
Appendix: Selected Samples of Professional Codes of Ethics
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