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Work Stress and Coping

Work Stress and Coping
Forces of Change and Challenges

First Edition

July 2017 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In Work Stress and Coping the authors provide an historical account of workplace stress, taking a broad approach by integrating the macro forces impacting the micro, and highlighting what the research in the field tells us about the changing nature of work so that individuals and organizations can create more livable working environments.

With an emphasis on the growing influence of globalization, the book explores the forces of change within contemporary societies and assesses how they have fundamentally changed the nature of work and the direction of research into stress and coping.

Capturing the history, context, critique and transformation of theory into practice, the authors offer an insight into how managers and businesses have failed, the effects this has had on how work is experienced, the evolution and relevance of existing theories and suggest alternative methods and future directions.

Suitable reading for students of HRM, Organisational Behavior and Occupational Psychology.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Forces of Change
Chapter 3: The Evolution of Theory and Theories of Work Stress
Chapter 4: The New Millennium: Developments, Change and Turbulence
Chapter 5: The Evolving Nature of Work Stressors: A Prologue to Change
Chapter 6: A New Generation of Stressors and the Challenges of Measurement
Chapter 7: Coping with Stress, Future Directions and Challenges
Chapter 8: Interventions and the Challenges
Chapter 9: Conclusions

Two leading scholars summarise the state-of-the-art and offer invaluable insights as to how we might deal with the scourge of work stress. A must-read for students, managers and consultants.

Neal M. Ashkanasy, OAM
Professor of Management, University of Queensland, Australia

An exciting and richly informed new volume. Masters of this domain, the authors provide the reader with critical contextual detail on the history of the field whilst leaning forward on the cutting edge, charting a healthy pathway into the future.

James Campbell Quick
John and Judy Goolsby-Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair, University of Texas at Arlington, USA and Professor, University of Manchester, UK.

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