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This book addresses foundational areas of qualitative writing (such as journal articles and dissertations), aesthetic representations (including poetry and autoethnography), publishing, and reflexivity in representation in one practical and engaging text based on real experiences. Author Maria K.E. Lahman draws on her experiences as a qualitative research professor and writing instructor, and as someone who has published widely in scholarly journals, employing both traditional and more innovative forms of writing. The first part of the book covers writing tips; how to represent data; how to write a qualitative thematic journal article; how to write a qualitative dissertation; and provides guidance on the publication process. The second part encourages the qualitative researcher to move beyond traditional forms of writing and consider how qualitative research can be represented more aesthetically: as poems, autoethnographies, and visually. The book concludes with a chapter on reflexivity in research representations. Throughout, the author provides vivid examples from her own work, and that of graduate students and colleagues.

Part One: Writing Qualitative Research Essentials
Chapter One: Done!—Introduction
Chapter Two: Why, What, and How We Write
Chapter Three: Start Writing!
Chapter Four: Dissertations: The Three Rules for Writing a Quality Qualitative Dissertation
Chapter Five: Writing the Qualitative Journal Article: Of Rice Cakes, Tortillas, Bread and Butter
Chapter Six: Publish and Persevere: The Publication Process
Part Two: Aesthetic Representations of Qualitative Research
Chapter Seven: Auto-ethnography: A Kaleidoscope of Knowing
Chapter Eight: Poemish Research Poetry
Chapter Nine: Visuals in Qualitative Research Representation: In the Blink of an Eye
Chapter Ten: Reflecting Reflexivity in Research Representations

One of the best books I have read in qualitative research. I wish I had this book when I was a doctoral student, or in the early stages of my academic career. Not only is it good for those in doctoral programs, it is appropriate for mentoring those in the early stages of the journey to tenure.

Mark Malisa
University of West Florida

Lahman's text is both a sound guide to the practical elements of qualitative inquiry, as well as a compelling overview of the eclectic, ethical, and engaged landscape of the contemporary field. This book is a true invitation to emerging researchers, calling for them to both create strong work and to dream new practices into being.

Jake Burdick
Purdue University
Key features
  • Includes examples from the author's work, and the work of graduate students and colleagues.
  • Includes tips and guidance on all kinds of qualitative writing and publishing.

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ISBN: 9781544348483