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Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis Faster

Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis Faster
A Proven Map to Success

November 2013 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
 A doctoral dissertation is arguably the most important journey that students will embark upon in their professional careers, so smart travelers will want E. Alana James and Tracesea H. Slater’s Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis Faster: A Proven Map to Success at their fingertips. James and Slater identify the key places and challenges that create extra stress during the dissertation process, and offer effective strategies and tools to address those challenges and ensure academic success. Their map walks readers through each step of the process, including: 
    • determining the research topic, 
    • choosing appropriate methods, 
    • turning a hypothesis into a study, 
    • completing a literature review, 
    • writing and defending a proposal, 
    • collecting and analyzing data, 
    • writing up the study, and 
    • ultimately defending the dissertation.

Building on years of experience with doctoral students, the authors provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool that encourages student reflection; includes student stories, hints, and writing tips; and provides end-of-chapter checklists and ideas for incorporating social media. With the proven techniques and guidance of this indispensable book, doctoral students will finish their thesis or dissertation—faster!

PART I. Designing Your Dissertation or Doctoral Thesis
1. Do You Understand What is Required in a Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis?
2. Do You Have an Idea for a Topic
3. Do You Have Some Idea How You Will Study Your Topic? Bridging Topic and Methods
4. Do You Know How to Develop Your Research Design, and Methodology?
5. Do You Understand How to Fine Tune Your Methodological Choices? Moving From Basics to Getting Ready to Write
PART II. Writing and Defending Your Proposal
6. Are You Ready to Write Your Methodology?
7. Are You Ready to Write Your Review of Literature?
8. Are You Ready to Write the Overview for Your Study?
9. Are You and Your Proposal Ready for Defense?
PART III. Findings/Conclusions and Writing Your Final Dissertation or Thesis
10. Have You Finished Your Data Collection?
11. Are You Ready to Write Up Your Qualitative Data?
12. Are You Ready to Write Up Your Quantitative Data?
13. Are You Ready to Write Up Your Mixed Methods Data?
14. Are You Ready for Your Final Defense?

“It is extremely readable and candid. As a faculty [member], I want students to know the ‘real deal’. The approach offered in this book provides one that is holistic realizing that our students are people with lives that influence the dissertation process. The Tracesea sections came at the right time when I was going to ask the very same question. Multiple voices of student and faculty add a wonderful dynamic. Love the use of PowerPoint slides, which would help me tremendously in my dissertation seminar.”  

Gretchen McAllister
Northern Arizona University

 “I really like the detail, experiences, reflections by students, and layout.”

Gene Gloeckner
Colorado State University
Key features
• A visual map helps students through the process of completing and defending their dissertations.
• The book addresses the issues that cause the dissertation process to stall or fail.
• Practical sections are included on time management, working with your committee, and ethics.
• Stories throughout the book provide a look at how other doctoral candidates successfully managed the challenges and pitfalls they encountered on the path to their dissertations.
• Online resources assist instructors in supporting their students throughout the dissertation process.

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