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Yes, but why? Teaching for understanding in mathematics

Yes, but why? Teaching for understanding in mathematics

Second Edition
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May 2021 | 400 pages | Corwin UK

Getting the right answers in maths is only half the problem. Understanding why what you’re doing works is the part that often stumps students and teachers alike. The essential guide for mathematics teachers and those training to teach, Yes, but why? answers all your questions, and sheds light on the hidden connections between everything in mathematics at school.

This second edition includes:

·         A new ‘Test yourself’ feature in every chapter

·         More coverage of the four operations

·         Enhanced discussion of fractions and proportionality

·         Downloadable figures for use in the classroom

Chapter 1: Types of Numbers (Part 1)
Chapter 2: The Four Operations: Addition and Subtraction
Chapter 3: Multiplication and Division
Chapter 4: Angles and Shapes
Chapter 5: Types of Numbers (Part 2)
Chapter 6: Fractions
Chapter 7: Proportionality
Chapter 8: Measurement
Chapter 9: Algebra
Chapter 10: Statistics and Probability
Chapter 11: Functions and Linear Graphs
Chapter 12: The Pythagorean Theorem and Trigonometry

Some of the students have problems with calculations and tables. This book could help them to sort out issues easily.

Dr Eleni Tracada
Architecture & Built Environment (BMC), Derby University
February 1, 2022

An excellent text which clearly sets out methods related to how to develop the role of teaching mathematics.

Mrs Sian Pitson
Swansea Business School (Swansea), University of Wales, Trinity St David
September 15, 2021

Great further edition to support ITE students to see why we do things as we do in mathematics

Mr Tom Cowan
Plymouth Institute of Education, Plymouth University
February 18, 2022

An excellent book for teachers and student teachers to help them make connections as well as teach, the areas of Numeracy

Mrs Geraldine Anita Parks
Department of Education, St Mary's University College (Belfast)
July 2, 2021

Brilliant resource for looking at unpicking the reasoning in mathematics. Useful particularly for specialist teachers of mathematics at all levels.

Dr Amanda O'Shea
School of Education, Northampton University
November 10, 2021