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9 Brand Shaastras

9 Brand Shaastras
Nine Successful Brand Strategies To Build Winning Brands

First Edition

June 2004 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Continuing from Jagdeep Kapoor's two earlier books, 9 Brand Shaastras is concerned with the strategy and principles of brand-building.

The book discusses branding from the basics, or what the author defines as the 'need' or 'brand category growth' for a brand, through to the 'brand profit growth strategy' which is the final destination. Each stage is analyzed in detail and peppered with examples and real-life marketing situations to give an effective understanding of brands and brand-building.

Need Shaastra
Brand Category Growth Strategy

Seed Shaastra
Brand Idea Growth Strategy

Heed Shaastra
Brand Awareness Growth Strategy

Deed Shaastra
Brand Trials Growth Strategy

Feed Shaastra
Brand Repeats Growth Strategy

Speed Shaastra
Brand Sales Growth Strategy

Creed Shaastra
Brand Trust Growth Strategy

Breed Shaastra
Brand Market Share Growth Strategy

Exceed Shaastra
Brand Profit Growth Strategy


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