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A Child Centred EYFS

A Child Centred EYFS

October 2024 | 192 pages | Corwin UK
As EY practitioners, we know that child-centred practice is what matters. Despite the pressures for more 'school like' learning in the Early Years, EY professionals and practitioners continue to advocate for child-led best practice in settings.
This book is a toolkit for all those working with children on how to develop and implement a child centred curriculum for delivery of the EYFS. A curriculum that is research informed and based on what we know about children's development and learning. A curriculum that ensures children have the time and space to explore and develop the fundamental building blocks of early development.

Chapter 1: Building the vision
Chapter 2: What child development tells us – what young children need?
Chapter 3: The 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum
Chapter 4: Communication Language and Literacy
Chapter 5: Personal Social and Emotional Development
Chapter 6: Physical Development
Chapter 7: Literacy
Chapter 8: Mathematics
Chapter 9: Understanding the World
Chapter 10: Expressive Arts and Design
Chapter 11: Pedagogy
Chapter 12: The Early Years Environment
Chapter 13: Statutory and Non-Statutory Guidance
Chapter 14: Wellbeing and Global Citizenship
Chapter 15: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – The Unique Child

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