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A Guide to Study Skills and Careers in Criminal Justice and Public Security

A Guide to Study Skills and Careers in Criminal Justice and Public Security

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“…I feel it is an excellent supplement to textbooks that discuss process, concepts, theories and all elements of the criminal justice system. This book would only improve student chances of success.”

—Terry Campbell, Kaplan University


A Guide to Study Skills and Careers in Criminal Justice and Public Security is the ultimate how-to resource for success in the study of criminal justice. Renowned author Frank Schmalleger, who has over 40 years of field experience, has teamed up with researcher and educator Catherine D. Marcum to introduce students to the field of criminal justice, break down its many components, and describe a variety of employment opportunities available to criminal justice  graduates. Students will learn how to effectively approach the study of criminal justice; communicate successfully with professors, peers, and potential employers; choose classes that will assist with career goals; develop good study habits and critical thinking skills; and write effectively in criminal justice. Additionally, as their academic careers advance, students will gain insights into how to best prepare for successful careers.

Chapter 1. Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Chapter 2. Maximizing Your Courses and Professors
Chapter 3. Effective Note Taking and Time Management
Chapter 4. Online Learning
Chapter 5. Communicating Effectively and Applying for Jobs
Chapter 6. Writing Styles in Criminal Justice
Chapter 7. Making Good Choices in the Social and Professional World
Chapter 8. Criminal Justice Internships and Service Learning Opportunities


Student Study Site
Use the Student Study Site to get the most out of your course! Our Student Study Site is completely open-access and offers a wide range of additional features!

The open-access Student Study Site includes the following:
  • Personality profile link
  • Career profile boxes highlight descriptions of careers, duties, requirements, and annual salaries
  • Career videos that detail a variety of professions in the criminal justice field
  • Worksheets focusing on internships, personal time, professionalism, distractions, and career aspirations
  • Sample cover letter
  • Sample resume

“No other textbooks address these issues, in particular for freshman students who do not have the slightest idea of what career paths they want to select. This provides an easily readable and easily understandable insight first into what careers are offered by criminal justice, and provides them with excellent tools to excel in that field.”

Dianne Berger-Hill, M.A.S.
Old Dominion University

“Great introductory text for freshmen students new to the field of criminal justice”

Katie L. Swope
Stevenson University

“[Strengths include] focus on professions in the criminal justice field, resources for students on how to successfully navigate a future in criminal justice, and information on how to navigate college in order to successfully obtain a degree in criminal justice”

Jennifer Riggs
Eastern New Mexico University

“Concise, Well-developed, Very informative”

SaRita Stewart
Cedar Valley College

“This text provides a good review of the basics of the criminal justice system, tips and tricks to being successful in college, and a specific focus on preparing for criminal justice careers.”

Andrew Walker
West Virginia University at Parkersburg
Key features


  • Case studies integrated throughout the book give students real world insight and practical application within the field of criminal justice.
  • A unique illustration program showcasing sample documents illustrates to students the proper way to write and format specific documents, as well as format their own versions for use in future career opportunities.
  • End of chapter discussion questions build critical thinking skills and encourage classroom debate.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 5

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