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A Student's Guide to Presentations

A Student's Guide to Presentations
Making your Presentation Count

© 2007 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book gives readers a detailed guide to the preparation and delivery of both individual and group presentations. It will take them through all the pratcial stages necessary to complete a presentation and obtain excellent marks.

Key features include:

  • Real life examples illustrating effective presentation techniques
  • Helpful tips and illustations throughout
  • A 10-step guide to preparing your presentation
  • Tips on using PowerPoint
  • A companion website complete with a student resource center: Click here

Written in a clear and accessible style this book will be essential reading for both undergraduate and graduate students who have to conduct graded presentations.

Why do a Presentation?
What Makes an Effective Presentation?
Individual Performance
Working as Part of a Group
10 Steps for Preparing Your Presentation
The Audience
Developing Content and Structure
Visual Aids and Supporting Documentation
Using PowerPoint
Learning from the Presentation
Presentations as Part of an Interview


Companion Website

Visit the Companion Website for:

  • Chapter summaries
  • A guide to presenting numbers
  • Useful web links.
SAGE Study Skills website
Visit the SAGE Study Skills website for tips, quizzes and videos on study success!

This book provides relevant information for our students in developing their skills and knowledge of presenting. The book is structured in a way that is easy for students to access and provides a range of strategies and approaches.

Emerick Kaitell
School of Education (Froebel), Roehampton University
June 7, 2016

Neat, clear, accessible, effective! The key things you need for students new to presentations at all FE and HE levels.

Ms Shan Ashton
Lifelong Learning, Bangor University
June 8, 2015

A user-friendly text that students will find highly useful not only for aiding them in preparation of presentations but also in understanding the relevance of them for a deeper understanding of course material as well as preparation for employment.

Dr Hazel Brown
Sport & Exercise, University of Winchester
April 2, 2015

A super book which is well written and user-friendly. Some excellent hints and tips to help students who need to complete a presentation as part of their course. An excellent resource for students and teachers alike.

Mrs Ruth Baxter
Education Department, Blackburn College
April 30, 2013

A very useful text to help students with the increasing number of presentations that they are expected to make. An excellent complementary resource for the guidelines that we provide.

Mr Graham Harvey
School of sport, health and outdoor education, University of Wales, Trinity St David
July 23, 2012

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