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Academic Language Mastery: Vocabulary in Context

Academic Language Mastery: Vocabulary in Context

First Edition

ESL Methods

August 2016 | 96 pages | Corwin

By now it’s a given: if we’re to help our ELLs and SELs access the rigorous demands of today’s content standards, we must cultivate the “code” that drives school success: academic language. Look no further for assistance than this much-anticipated series from Ivannia Soto, in which she invites field authorities Jeff Zwiers, David and Yvonne Freeman, Margarita Calderon, and Noma LeMoine to share every teacher’s need-to-know strategies on the four essential components of academic language.

The subject of this volume is vocabulary. Here, Margarita Calderon reveals how vocabulary is best taught as a tool for completing and constructing more complex messages. With this book as your roadmap, you’ll learn how to:

  • Teach high-frequency academic words and discipline-specific vocabulary across content areas
  • Utilize strategies for teaching academic vocabulary, moving students from Tier 1 to Tiers 2 and 3 words and selecting appropriate words to teach
  • Assess vocabulary growth as you go

Our vocabulary instruction must come from the texts our ELLs and SELs are about to read, not from a set of activities that teach words in isolation. This guidebook will help you get started as early as tomorrow. Better yet, read all four volumes in the series and put in place an all-in-one instructional plan for closing the achievement gap.

About the Authors
1. Introduction to the Book Series
2. Connecting the Research on Academic Vocabulary and Discourse
3. Practical Application in the Classroom: Selecting Words to Teach
4. Fostering Literacy With Vocabulary: Teaching Words
5. Vocabulary Instruction During Reading
6. Vocabulary Assessment and Teaching Vocabulary After Reading
7. Conclusions, Challenges, and Connections
Epilogue: The Vision
Key features

(1) An accessible guide to understanding and promoting Academic Language development (ALD) among both ELLs and speakers of non-standard English.

(2) Built around research-based principles for ALD instruction across all content areas.

(3) Focuses on strategies for teaching academic vocabulary, moving students from Tier 1 to Tiers 2 and 3 words, and selecting appropriate words to teach.

(4) Includes a range of elementary and secondary connections such as student work samples and examples of student dialogue.

(5) Offers a discussion of how teachers can assess growth in use of academic vocabulary.

(6) Includes tools for conducting PD on this topic. 

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