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Academic Practice

Academic Practice
Developing as a Professional in Higher Education

© 2016 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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Taking a broad contemporary view of higher education, this book explores key topics that all academics will need to engage with in order to survive and flourish in today’s increasingly complex higher education environment. Key topics include:

·          connecting research and teaching in practice

·          promoting critical approaches to the curriculum

·          teaching for employability and understanding graduate identity

·          responding to the internationalisation agenda

·          engaging with the demands of the digital university

·          enacting interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and scholarship

·          enabling inclusive approaches to student engagement and student voice


Policy and practice debates informing these different areas are explored alongside practical guidance on how to implement and integrate key priorities into the different dimensions of their professional practice.

This is essential reading for higher education faculty undertaking professional development courses, such as the PG Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), the PG Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCTLHE / PGHE) and related courses, and also for early career academics wishing to deepen their understanding of contemporary higher education.

Becoming a teacher in higher education
Part I: From disciplinary expert to teacher
Developing disciplinary understanding
Learning and teaching for interdisciplinarity
Promoting critical approaches to the curriculum
Working with students: from engagement to partnership
Connecting research and teaching in practice
Part II: Rethinking the university context
Teaching for employability
Developing inclusive learning and teaching
Internationalising teaching in practice
Enhancing learning in the digital university
Supporting collaborative learning
Part III: From disciplinary teacher to scholarly teacher
Undertaking inquiry into learning and teaching

The book targets new and early career teachers in HE, and promises an interesting perspective on the issues faced for new teachers as they enter academic life.  Many texts aimed at this group focus on the tools and techniques necessary to support new lecturers develop confidence within teaching and assessment practice and learning.  Weller takes a broader approach that unpacks some of the bigger picture agendas facing new teachers in constructing professional understanding. For example, Weller explores the situated nature of learning within disciplines, and wider questions of sustainability, inclusion, employability and internationalisation in delivering the curriculum.  Case studies provide additional practical support. Overall, the text might complement the development of new lecturers by providing  insight into a selection of bigger picture challenges for teaching in HE that shape curriculum delivery and entry into professional life.

Dr Ruth Pilkington
Education Consultant

A welcome and timely addition to UKHE resources, this book frames HE teaching as a social and situated endeavour, challenging readers to own teaching as part of a multidimensional professional identity. There are no ‘top tips’ here, but rather a wealth of theoretical perspectives and exemplifying case studies that will both challenge readers and facilitate personal sense-making, empowering us to take ownership for the education choices we make.

Clare Kell
Cardiff University

A useful text across each of our programmes for staff.

Dr Sarah Hayes
Languages and Social Sciences, Aston University
June 6, 2016

This is a really good overview of the breadth of working as a teacher in HE. It covers a variety of topics from curriculum planning, to student engagement, employability, and digital learning - all topics being discussed and worked on in HE. The 'extras' are an excellent addition to the book (e.g. case studies, further reading, questions). While the book doesn't delve into learning theory in a great deal of depth, it provides a great introductory text that would support staff new to teaching, and those supporting learning.

Dr Dawn Theresa Nicholson
Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University
May 10, 2016

This is a fantastic textbook on developing an academic practice in contemporary Higher Education. It provides a scholarly grounding in learning and teaching in HE but also provides an extremely useful overview of the newer roles expected of the HE professional, such as personal academic tutoring, employability, inclusion and pedagogic research. It stresses the importance of critical reflective practice and also addresses concerns like the research-teaching nexus. I am recommending it as the core text for my PGCAP.

Miss Rayya Ghul
Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit, Canterbury Christ Church University
May 10, 2016

Useful resource for new academics in practice and studying teaching in Higher Education

Mrs Sharon Waight
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
April 5, 2016

The section on enquiry into learning and teaching is particularly useful and will aid me in looking at my practice in a different way.

Mrs Kathryn Peckham
School of Education, Northampton University
March 24, 2016

This book is a go to one which every traineee teacher, instructor or mentor should read.

Mrs Eileen Mc Partland
Childcare Management, Liberties College
March 14, 2016

This text will provide support to my students in understanding the need for academic rigour in their work as postgraduate students, and hopefully this guidance in connecting research methodology and teaching in practice will serve them well.

Mr Clive Grant
Institute of Education, Reading University
February 29, 2016

Order for the library

Dr Peter Gossman
Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Manchester Metropolitan University
October 13, 2015

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Academic Practice Chapter 1: Becoming a teacher in higher education

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