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Acquisitions Editors

Our team of dedicated editors bring years of experience as they look forward to helping you publish innovative and successful titles.

Textbook Editorial Contacts



Maggie Stanley
(805) 410-7256

Maggie is acquisitions editor for SAGE's college textbook program in Business and Management and Economics. She joined SAGE in 2010, and her early work has focused on editorial development of best-selling texts. Now she is eager to work with authors at leading business schools to continue the SAGE tradition of developing an outstanding list of business and management titles to meet the needs of instructors and students.


Lily Norton
(805) 573-1537
Lily is acquisitions editor for Speech, Mass Communication and Media Studies at SAGE. She joined SAGE in 2018 after successful sales roles at Pearson and Oxford University Press. She started her career in editorial at Pearson and is looking forward to signing new authors, developing first editions and creating new digital solutions for her Communication program.


Jessica Miller
(805) 410-7058

Jessica is the acquisitions editor for SAGE’s Criminal justice and Criminology college textbook program. She joined SAGE in 2013 and helped develop several best-selling titles for the CJ list. Furthering SAGE’s commitment to quality and engaged scholarship, Jessica is eager to partner with existing and new authors to publish innovative content that both informs and inspires students.


Leah Fargotstein
(805) 410-7316

Leah is acquisitions editor for books in Education. She joined SAGE in 2007 as a member of the Journals division, responsible for managing and acquiring journals in research methods, political science, urban studies, and social work. In 2015, she joined the College team as acquisitions editor, acquiring projects for the interdisciplinary research methods list as well as education. She is excited to work with scholars, teachers, and practitioners to develop innovative solutions to teaching problems and to train the next generation of teachers.


Scott Greenan
(805) 490-8931

Scott is acquisitions editor for the Political Science list at CQ Press, singing in all subfields including American Government, International Relations, Comparative Government, and Public Affairs. He joined SAGE in 2017 and comes from a background of both editorial and content marketing. His love for quality content has spanned the publishing industry from newspapers and magazines to trade nonfiction and academic publishing.


Lara Parra
(805) 410-7351

Lara is executive editor with SAGE's college textbook program in Psychology. She worked in editorial, sales, and specialized marketing capacities with SAGE Publishing, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, and Pearson Education prior to becoming an Acquisitions Editor in 2015. Lara is excited to partner with authors, instructors, and students to develop outstanding textbooks and innovative tools for psychology at SAGE.

Abbie Rickard
(805) 410-7091

Abbie is acquisitions editor for SAGE’s college textbook program in Psychology and Counseling. Abbie focuses on growth and editorial development in the fields of social, cognitive, biological, and clinical psychology, as well as in counseling. She joined SAGE in 2013 and has managed the development of a number of high-quality print and digital texts across multiple disciplines before joining the acquisitions team in 2016. She looks forward to collaborating with authors to publish innovative content that speaks to instructor and student needs.


Helen Salmon
(805) 410-7342
Twitter @HelenSSalmon

Helen is executive editor for Research Methods, Statistics, and Evaluation and works across all areas of the list. Helen has more than 20 years of publishing experience, and has worked in both the U.K. and the U.S. She previously held senior positions in marketing at SAGE. Helen brings her international experience and marketing know-how to help authors shape their books to best meet the needs of the market.

Leah Fargotstein
(805) 410-7316

Leah is acquisitions editor for books in Research Methods and Statistics, working with Helen Salmon across all areas of the list. She joined SAGE in 2007 as a member of the Journals division, responsible for managing and acquiring journals in research methods, political science, urban studies, and social work. In 2015, she joined the College Editorial team. Leah is eager to continue SAGE's strong tradition of high-quality, innovative research methods and statistics publishing.


Josh Perigo
(805) 410-7737

Josh has been with SAGE since January of 2014, initially as a college textbook sales representative. In 2017, he became an acquisitions editor and began building our list in Anthropology, establishing the foundation for books in Family Sciences, working with authors across Gender and Sexualities studies, and bringing focus to our list in Social Work. As the current acquisitions editor for Criminal Justice and Human Services, Josh looks forward to helping bring new and engaging ideas into higher education, as well as building strong relationships with authors, instructors, and colleagues alike.


Jeff Lasser
(805) 341-0664

Jeff is publisher for Sociology (SAGE’s original college textbook line) and for our growing catalog of Anthropology and Family Studies titles. He joined SAGE in 2013 with sales, marketing, and editorial experience in higher education publishing, and has been acquiring and publishing social science texts for over 20 years. Please contact him to discuss your ideas for print or digital works that can be adopted and taught from in any of these three disciplines.