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Acute and Critical Care in Adult Nursing

Acute and Critical Care in Adult Nursing

Third Edition

November 2020 | Learning Matters
This book helps adult nursing students to competently manage care of critically and acutely ill patients, and to recognise and deal with the early signs of deterioration. The book takes a practical real-life approach to care, with each chapter focusing on patients with specific problems, then interweaving the knowledge and skills needed to care for that patient. The book focuses on developing clinical assessment and decision-making skills so that students are able to care for patients who are unstable, deteriorating or critically ill, regardless of their location.

Chapter 1: Assessing, Recognising and Responding to Acute and Critical Illness
Chapter 2: The Breathless Patient
Chapter 3: The Patient who Needs Respiratory Support
Chapter 4: The Patient with Chest Pain
Chapter 5: The Patient in Pain
Chapter 6: The Patient in Shock
Chapter 7: The Patient with Sepsis and Distributive Shock
Chapter 8: The Patient with Delirium
Chapter 9: The Patient with Acute Kidney Injury
Chapter 10: The Patient with Physiological Trauma
Chapter 11: The Patient with Altered Consciousness
Chapter 12: The Patient with an Endocrine Disorder
Chapter 13: Conclusion: Lessons Learned - An Action Plan for Practice

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