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Addicted to Incarceration

Addicted to Incarceration
Corrections Policy and the Politics of Misinformation in the United States

Second Edition

November 2018 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Part I: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Introduction
The Politics and Consequences of Incarceration  
Chapter 2: The Politics of Punishment in the United States
Problem Ownership, Punishment Philosophies, and Changes in Corrections Policy Over Time  
Political Capital and Getting Tough  
The Rise of Evidence-Based Correctional Policy  
Part II: Sources and Dimensions of Misinformation
Chapter 3: Misinformation About the Crime Problem
Victimization and the Fear of Crime  
Nonserious Crime as Gateway Offending?  
Incapacitation and Errors in Prediction  
Chapter 4: Misinformation About Public Opinion
Global Versus Specific Attitudes About Punishment  
Public Support for Alternative Punishment Philosophies  
Chapter 5: Misinformation About Prisons and Crime Control
Prisons and Crime Control: The Empirical Evidence  
Rethinking Offender Decision Making  
Part III: Consequences and Moving Forward
Chapter 6: The Social Costs of Incarceration
Consequences of Incarceration for Offenders  
Consequences of Incarceration for Families and Children  
Consequences of Incarceration for Communities  
Consequences of Incarceration for Social Institutions  
The Case of Immigration, Crime, and Punishment  
Chapter 7: Conclusions and Recommendations
The Persistent Addiction  
Rethinking Crime Control Policy  
Rethinking Corrections Policy  
Reconnecting Evidence with Policy  
Parting Shots: Breaking the Addiction  

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