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Adolescents and the Media

Adolescents and the Media
Medical and Psychological Impact

February 1995 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Victor C. Strasburger has given us a clear, concise summary of a massive amount of information on a very important subject. This slim volume should be read by every professional who cares for and about adolescents." --Michael B. Rothenberg, M.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Washington School of Medicine "There is much of value here. An opening chapter provides an excellent overview of how mass communication research is conducted, and subsequent chapters focus on current findings regarding the effects of televised portrayals of violence, sex, and the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and food on adolescents. . . . Comprehensive and well-referenced bibliography. . . . Adolescents and the Media is recommended for a general readership and for undergraduate collections in media studies, health care, and education." --Choice Violent television programs, gory video games, print tobacco advertising, TV beer commercials, and sexually suggestive music videos. How do these and other forms of popular media affect the thinking, behavior, and health of America's teenagers? Adolescents and the Media provides a state-of-the-art review of research findings on the influence of such media as television, movies, video games, print advertising, rock music, and music videos on adolescents. Beginning from a theoretical and conceptual background of adolescent development, the book covers findings on violence, sexual activity, substance abuse, and eating disorders and makes a clear case that media play a role in diverse facets of at-risk behavior and adjustment. It concludes with recommended strategies for preventing adverse media effects on youths. Mental health professionals and policy makers, primary care physicians and nurses, educators, and almost anyone who works with and cares about adolescents, will find this an eye-opening work.

How Is the Research Done? What Are the Issues?

Media Violence and Aggressive Behavior
Adolescent Sexuality and the Media
Adolescents, Drugs and the Media
Rock Music and Music Videos
Adolescents and the Media


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ISBN: 9780803955004