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Adolescents, Work, and Family

Adolescents, Work, and Family
An Intergenerational Developmental Analysis

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Volume: 6

August 1996 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What does an adolescent really learn about adult responsibilities from holding down a paying job or doing household chores? Does a teenager's employment lead to change in the family? Based on an 8-year study, Adolescents, Work, and Family examines how adolescents' work experiences, both within the home and in the paid work force, affect their relationship with their parents, their self-concepts, and their well-being. This book is unique in that it studies not only working adolescents but their parents as well. Among their findings the contributors reveal the importance of work quality and context in developing youth competence, the similarity between parents and children in their perceptions of the benefits and costs of youth work, how paid work can contribute to positive family relationships, how positive work experiences can buffer the adolescent from stressful family problems, and how an adolescent's work plans influence their early transition to adulthood. In addition, the book offers readers directions for future research in this growing area of inquiry. Acquiring and maintaining work is a marker of the adolescent's transition to adulthood. Thus, scholars of adolescent and family development, youth and family policymakers, and professionals who help youths and their families will find the book's revelations important and useful. "This book is timely and is much needed to help clarify an understanding of the impact of work on adolescents and their families. It is the first to draw together a detailed analysis of intergenerational ties to work while maintaining a focus on adolescents. Moreover, a myriad of complex issues including work and development, work as an arena of comfort, and the meaning of work for adolescents and their parents are examined over time for a representative yet situated sample. While there are competing books . . . Jeylan T. Mortimer and Michael D. Finch's volume is really the first to provide a highly detailed analysis over time." --Kathryn M. Borman, University of South Florida

Jeylan T Mortimer and Michael D Finch
Work, Family, and Adolescent Development
Pamela J Aronson et al
Generational Differences in Early Work Experiences and Evaluations
Kathleen Thiede Call
The Implications of Helpfulness for Possible Selves
Michael J Shanahan et al
Adolescent Earnings and Relationships with Parents
The Work-Family Nexus in Urban and Rural Ecologies

Kathleen Thiede Call
Adolescent Work as an `Arena of Comfort' under Conditions of Family Discomfort
Seongryeol Ryu and Jeylan T Mortimer
The `Occupational Linkage Hypothesis' Applied to Occupational Value Formation in Adolescence
Ellen Efron Pimentel
Effects of Adolescent Achievement and Family Goals on the Early Adult Transition
Michael D Finch and Jeylan T Mortimer
Future Directions for Research on Adolescents, Work, and Family

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