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Adult Development and Aging

Adult Development and Aging
Growth, Longevity, and Challenges

First Edition
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August 2020 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Topically organized, Adult Development and Aging: Growth, Longevity and Challenges provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the aging process in adulthood from multiple perspectives. The authors use principles of lifespan development to show readers the directionality of changes in early, middle, and late adulthood. Within its framework of scientific literacy, the text charts four key themes to guide learners: a focus on aging as development; a global perspective on contexts; a vibrant, integrated approach to diverse coverage; and psychological science that translates into real-life experiences. A final chapter focuses on ways to improve the experience of aging for all adults.

Chapter 1: Studying Growth and Change Across the Life Span
Chapter 2: Biological Aging, Health, and Longevity
Chapter 3: Cognitive Development in Adulthood
Chapter 4: Coping and Resiliency in Adulthood
Chapter 5: Personality and Emotional Regulation
Chapter 6: Mental Health and Intervention
Chapter 7: The Social-Environmental Context of Adulthood and Aging
Chapter 8: Interpersonal Relationships: Our Personal Network of Support
Chapter 9: Socialization and the Family
Chapter 10: Work
Chapter 11: Retirement
Chapter 12: Aging Well: Promoting Healthy Development Across the Life Span


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Key features
  • An accessible writing style presents complex information in a way that allows students to assimilate it into their existing knowledge frameworks.
  • Topically organized material helps readers see topics in different chapters as interrelated rather than as independent and allows for adulthood to be understood in a more integrated manner.
  • Scaffolded chapter and book content support integrated learning / retention through:
    • Connections between concepts
    • Connections across chapters
    • Alignment with Bloom’s taxonomy
    • Active learning and knowledge recycling
  • Recurring features support learning through:
    • "How do they know that?" sections that cover specific landmark research studies
    • Engaging self-tests for students to monitor their own understanding
    • Common misperceptions about aging
    • Novel applications of research findings
  • End-of-chapter material reinforces learning through:
    • Review questions
    • Discussion questions
    • Chapter summaries
    • Primary source links for further reading
  • Use it Now applications allow students to immediately apply content to their own lives.

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