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Advancing King's Systems Framework and Theory of Nursing

Advancing King's Systems Framework and Theory of Nursing

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April 1995 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The research, practice, and philosophy of today's nursing are predicated on an understanding and appreciation of its origins. Making a significant contribution to the advancement of nursing science, this compelling volume defines its history, assesses its present status, and envisions its future applications and development. Based on renowned theorist Imogene King's powerful doctrine, the work begins with a philosophical overview by the theorist herself. Next, prominent international contributors describe specific implementations of King's theory, illustrating its impact on their practices and clearly demonstrating its connection to research and practice. Finally, the progression of knowledge in the field is evaluated, culminating in suggestions for further exploration and refinement. This incisive text will be an indispensable resource for professionals, students, and all those concerned with the progress of nursing science.

Rosemarie Rizzo Parse
Maureen A Frey
From Conceptual Frameworks to Nursing Knowledge
Imogene King
A Systems Framework for Nursing
Imogene King
The Theory of Goal Attainment
Cynthia Winker
A Systems View of Health
Christina L Sieloff
Development of a Theory of Departmental Power within Imogene King's Framework
Martha Raile Alligood, Ginger Evans and Dorothy Wilt
King's Interacting Systems and Empathy
Liselotte Rooke
The Concept of Space in King's Conceptual Framework
Its Implications for Nursing

Mona Newsom Wicks
Family Health as Derived from King's Conceptual Framework
Maureen A Frey
Toward a Theory of Family and Child Health
Elizabeth F Hobdell
A Framework for Research with Parents of and Children with Neural Tube Defect Utlizing King's Interacting Systems Framework
Christina L Sieloff
Defining the Health of a Social System within Imogene King's Framework
Nancy C Sharts-Hopko
Using Health, Personal, and Interpersonal System Concepts within the King Conceptual Framework to Explore Perceived Health Status during the Menopause Transition
Esther Byrne-Coker et al
Implementing Nursing Diagnoses within the Context of King's Conceptual Framework
Mary Fawcett, Valine Vaillancourt and Annabelle Watson
Integration of King's Conceptual Framework into Nursing Practice
Mary Molewyk Doornbos
Using King's Conceptual Framework to Explore Family Health in Families of the Young Chronically Mentally Ill
Martha Raile Alligood
Theory of Goal Attainment
Application of Adult Orthopedic Nursing Practice

Dorothy Froman
Perceptual Congruency between Clients and Nurses
Testing King's Theory of Goal Attainment

Kathleen M Hanna
Use of King's Theory of Goal Attainment to Promote Adolescents' Health Behavior
Tomomi Kameoka
Analyzing Nurse-Patient Interactions in Japan
Joyce K Laban, Larry Sneed and Sandra Seidel
Goal Attainment in Short-Term Group Psychotherapy Settings
Clinical Implications for Practice

Liselotte Rooke
Focusing on King's Conceptual Framework in Education by Using an Experiential Learning Model
A Challenge to Improve the Quality of Nursing Care

Patricia R Messmer
Implementation of Theory-Based Nursing Practice
Mary Lue Jolly and Cynthia Winker
Theory of Goal Attainment in the Context of Organizational Structure
Michelle Benedict and Maureen A Frey
Theory Based Practice in the Emergency Department
Ann L Whall and Jacqueline Fawcett
State of the Science and Future Directions

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