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Advertising and Popular Culture

Advertising and Popular Culture

  • Jib Fowles - University of Houston, Clear Lake, USA

January 1996 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Is it possible that consumers exploit advertising even more so than advertising exploits and influences our culture? Author Jib Fowles argues that consumers look to advertising to provide them with images that can assist them in negotiating the personal dilemmas of advanced industrial life. Advertising and Popular Culture is the first comprehensive text to provide a balanced analysis of advertising and its companion, the popular culture, conveyed through the mass media. Reflecting current theories, this thoughtful critique uses excerpts from advertising campaigns to illustrate how modern advertising both draws from and contributes to popular culture. Fowles traces the role of advertising in our culture from its evolution as part of the culture of mass consumption in the late 19th century, the development of advertising agencies, and the creation of a consumer culture to an exploration of the major themes of American advertising. Advertising and Popular Culture represents a fresh and fully elaborated conceptualization of the services that advertising and popular culture provide. This text will be a vital tool in departments and schools of advertising, journalism, and communication where increasing emphasis is being placed on studying the cultural significance of advertising.

Flagrant Criticisms
The Dynamics behind the Advertisement
The Dynamics of Popular Culture
The Surface of the Advertisement, Composed and Consumed
Deciphering Advertisements
Mixed Receptions
The Project of the Self
In Perspective

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ISBN: 9780803954830