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Advertising Creative

Advertising Creative
Strategy, Copy, and Design

Fifth Edition (Revised Edition)

January 2019 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Advertising CreativeFifth Edition gets right to the point of advertising by stressing key principles and practical information students and working professionals can use. Drawing on personal experience as award-winning experts in creative advertising, Tom Altstiel, Jean Grow, and Marcel M. Jennings offer real-world insights on cutting-edge topics, including global, social media, business-to-business, in-house, and small agency advertising. In the new edition, Altstiel and Grow take a deeper dive into the exploration of digital technology and its implications for the industry, as they expose the pervasive changes experienced across the global advertising landscape. Their most important revelation of all is the identification of the three qualities that will define the future leaders of this industry: Be a risk taker. Understand technology. Live for ideas.

Brief Contents
Detailed Contents
1. Creativity: Concept Is Still King
What You Need to Learn  
Who Wants to Be Creative?  
Before We Move Ahead, a Brief Nod to the Past  
The Creative Team  
Ten Tips for Controlling the Creative Process  
Where Do I Go from Here?  
What’s In It for Me?  
Common Sense, Science, and Doing the Right Thing  
Knowing What Makes the Consumer Tick  
Creating from the Consumer’s Point of View  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
2. Strategy and Branding: Putting a Face on a Product
Let’s Review the Basics  
Advertising, Marcom, IMC, or What?  
Advertising’s Role in the Marketing Process  
Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics  
Account Planning—Solving the Client’s Problem  
Get the Facts  
Interpreting Research Findings  
Features and Benefits  
Assembling the Facts  
Value Proposition  
Decide What’s Important  
Tone: Finding Your Voice  
Think like a Planner, But Write like a Creative  
The Power and the Limits of Branding  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
3. Ethical and Legal Issues: Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons
Ethical Challenges Within  
Women and Children First  
Advertising in Action  
Legal Issues  
Recent Changes  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
4. Diverse Audiences: Making Genuine Connections
The Ever Changing Social Landscape  
A Humble Disclaimer  
It’s All There in Black and White  
Say It in Spanish  
Diversity and Unity in the Asian Community  
Generational Marketing  
Women in Advertising: We Have Come a Long Way, But There’s More  
Work to Be Done  
What About Connecting to Men?  
Did We Miss Anyone?  
Mixing it Up  
A Time for Inclusion  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
5. International Advertising: It’s a Global Marketplace
Global Context  
The Power of Culture  
Global Growth  
BRIC Nations  
MIST Nations  
Global Survival  
Strategies for Success  
Lost in Translation  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
6. Concepts and Design: What’s the Big Idea?
What Is Concepting?  
How to Be Creative (Concepting Strategies)  
The Concepting Process  
Concept Testing  
Design: Worth a Thousand Words  
Basic Design Principles  
Digital Design  
Putting It All Together  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
7. Campaigns: Synergy and Integration
What Is Campaigning?  
How to Enhance Continuity  
Consumer-Generated Campaigns  
Integrating Sales Promotion into the Campaign  
Customer Experience Management  
Taglines: The String that Holds Campaigns Together  
Campaign Tips  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
8. Headlines and Copy Basics: Get Their Attention and Hold It
Why Writing Is Important  
Why Have a Headline?  
Who Needs Copy?  
Writing Structure  
Writing Style  
Checklist for Better Copy  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
9. Print: Writing for Reading
Not Dead Yet  
Why Print Matters  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
10. Radio and Television Advertising: Interruptions that Sell
Radio: The Original Theatre of the Mind  
The Changing Face of Television and Advertising  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
11. Writing for Websites: Copy and Content
The New Creative Revolution Continues  
Display Advertising  
Web Copy and Content  
User Experience  
Video in Websites  
Branded Entertainment  
Search Engine Optimization  
Web Copy versus Content  
Landing Pages  
Writing for a Worldwide Web  
Where Are We Headed?  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
12. Socially Mobile: Ideas for the Small Screen
Mobile: You Can Take It with You  
Where Is Mobile Taking Us?  
Photo and Video Networking Sites  
Social Media Marketing  
Writing Company Blogs  
Keeping Up with Social Trends  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
13. Support Media: Everyone Out of the Box
Out-of-Home Advertising  
Guerrilla Marketing  
Native Advertising  
Content Marketing  
Sales Promotion  
Public Relations and Cause Marketing  
Box? What Box?  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
14. Direct Marketing: Hitting the Bull’s-Eye
Direct Marketing Defined  
Why Use Direct Marketing?  
Components of Direct Marketing  
Direct Mail  
Mobile Direct Response Marketing  
The Changing Face of Direct Response Marketing  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
15. Business-to-Business: Selling along the Supply Chain
B2B Special Categories  
Integrated B2B Campaigns  
B2B and Social Media  
The Changing Face of B2B  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
16. Survival Guide: Landing Your First Job and Thriving
Three Ingredients for Success  
Building Your Portfolio  
Reaching Out  
Surviving as a Junior Creative  
Breaking Down Barriers to Success  
Getting That Next Great Job  
Who’s Who  
What Would You Do?  
Copy Platform (Creative Strategy Statement)  
Copy Editing and Proofreading Marks  
Additional Radio Terms  
Additional Television Terms  
Additional Digital Terms  
The Whole Book in One Page  
About the Authors
Key features


  • All chapters have been updated to reflect the growing digital influence on all media including new strategies for social media and mobile marketing, as well as web design and content.
  • A new focus on millennials as a target market and the next generation of advertising professionals allows readers to explore the contributions this group has made and continues to make on the industry.  
  • All new “What Would You Do?” case studies exercise the reader’s problem solving skills using practical scenarios that forces readers to think outside the box.
  • Over 90% new images illustrate the most current advertising creative used in today’s media.
  • New insights in the “Closer Look” profiles inspire readers with new success stories from advertising creative professionals currently at the top of the industry.
  • A new “Rising Star” series motivates first-time advertising professionals with stories showcasing young professionals getting their first jobs and thriving in our industry.
  • New online resources include digital additions such as videos, blogs, and other web resources to keep readers up-to-date and connected to the advertising world.  


  • A Survival Guide offers adverting professionals practical advice for landing and keeping a creative job in an increasingly competitive industry.
  • The dynamic four-color design throughout showcases vivid sample ads to clearly illustrate advertising strategies and trends.
  • Engaging end-of-chapter exercises help readers apply the chapter material to everyday life and engage in a step-by-step process to improve their advertising creative.
  • A global approach challenges readers to look at advertising through the lens of a global marketplace to see the need for gender equality, ethical behaviors, and diversity in the workplace.


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